Tennessee Common Core Replacement Bills Filed

Yesterday there were two Common Core bills filed in the Tennessee Legislature. ┬áState Senator Dolores Gresham (R-Somerset) introduced SB 4, that would create a Tennessee Standards Commission who would develop new standards that would then be voted on by the Tennessee State Board of Education. ┬áThe bill looks similar to North Carolina’s recent bill that was passed into law. ┬áThis bill also cancels the memorandum of understanding with the Common Core State Standards Initiative, and the new “Tennessee Standards” would replace the Common Core in the 2016-2017 school year. ┬á This bill also tasks the commission with reviewing any new AP course frameworks released by the College Board.

You can read the bill for yourself below.

State Representative Jim Forgety (R-Athens) introduced HB 3 in the Tennessee House of Representatives. ┬áThis bill┬áwould require the state board of education to adopt new Tennessee-developed standards before July 1, 2016. It would stop Common Core expansion beyond this school year, establish teams of educators who would review and recommend new standards and create what would become known as “Volunteer State Standards.”

You can read the bill below.

As with any bill like these taxpayers have to be on their guard for rebranding.

One thought on “Tennessee Common Core Replacement Bills Filed

  1. Teachers should have some input into the standards. They know the things that need to be taught. Something needs to address the accountability of students who just will not try on the testing. I have had students just mark answers without reading a word of the test. I reported it and nothing was done. I was still accountable for the student. No one could have made him do anything different.He had some mental issues but that made no difference.

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