Ted Cruz Calls for Common Core Repeal

After news of the Republican wave last night that led to the GOP reclaiming control of the U.S. Senate, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called on the Republican-majority Senate to repeal the Common Core.

“Now is the time to honor the 10th Amendment and repeal Common Core,” Cruz said.

Watch here or below.

This is a great comment to hear, but precisely what can Congress do?  They can defund the Common Core at the federal level.  They can provide oversight to the U.S. Department of Education’s use of the carrot and stick approach and defund any program that is foisted on states in that manner.

They can’t repeal it in the states.  This friends is a state-by-state battle.

14 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Calls for Common Core Repeal

  1. They can repeal NCLB. The threat of losing the NCLB waiver has been a huge barrier to school boards and states from simply dropping CC and the testing. I think this will be the litmus test of whether the GOP is serious about stopping CC or just posturing.

  2. they cannot do anything yet, they haven;t and won’t take office until jan. Ted is a tool…no ‘now’ is not the time. the time will be after they take office. he just has to grandstand and make a fool out of himself so he can con people into thinking somehow it is him doing the work and being a big boy.

  3. RTT and fed DOE should go away as well. One can simply look at social security to get an idea of how well uninformed bureaucrats manage. Or mismanage, actually.

  4. What better way to start the reform than with this issue which is critical and urgent but which has bipartisan support? People on both sides have spoken out about this dangerous and slippery slope that infiltrates us via the children, is unconstitutional and is completely unproven. Our children are not Bill Gates’ and Arne Duncan’s guinea pigs or cash cow.

  5. Common Core is the Federal Take Over of Education in violation of the Tenth Amendment. The States need to repeal Common Core individually but really killing Common Core’s Federal Takeover requires Congress to act to terminate this hideous scheme.

  6. Shut down the United States Department of Education – my warrior’s cry since pre-Reagan days!

  7. Common Core is a government takeover agenda…this is also big bucks for the test makers~ no one profits but the big boys and our children will be the ones to suffer! Get this repeal HB 587 moving now!

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