"Teachers Love Common Core.." Well Not So Much

Gallup released some more polling information on the Common Core State Standards. They found that teachers were pretty divided on the Common Core with more teachers having a negative opinion.

Only 15% had a very positive view with 26% who said they had a somewhat positive view. 28% of teachers said they had a somewhat negative view of the Common Core with 16% with a very negative view.

Surely it’s because they are misinformed right?

Heh… How can Common Core advocates explain this away.

Gallup attempts to do this…

However, within these Common Core states, the majority of teachers who say they work in schools where the Common Core standards were fully implemented in the 2013-2014 school year feel good about it: 61% view it positively versus 35% negatively. Among teachers in Common Core states whose schools had not yet fully implemented the standards last year, views are 37% positive versus 43% negative.

Even so, 1/3 of teachers where the standards have been implemented still have a negative opinion, this is a far cry from the overwhelming support we were told the standards had among educators.