Teacher Support of Common Core Plummets, Public Opposition Grows

Two polls recently came out, and neither brings good news for the Common Core State Standards.

Education Next released their poll which I will have to say is garbage when it comes to their national sample.  They have shown for the last two years a majority of Americans support Common Core.  That is an outlier compared to other polling I have seen over the past few months.  Most previous national polls have shown a sharp division with a sizeable chuck of Americans who don’t have an opinion or don’t know.  It also is the polar opposite of the PDK/Gallup poll just released as far as numbers are concerned.

Even so, their poll shows eroding support.  In 2013 they said 65% of Americans supported Common Core with 13% who were opposed.  In 2014 they claim 53% support the standards while opposition has grown to 26%.

They state the sharpest drop has been with Republicans where support has dropped from 57% to 43% and opposition has grown from 16% to 37%.

All of those numbers – take them or leave them.  The most useful and frankly interesting aspect of this poll is what has happened among teachers – you know the ones who are supposed to “educated” about the Common Core while the rest of us are know nothing rubes.

In 2013 76% of teachers supported the Common Core with only 12% being opposed.  In 2014, support has dropped by 30%!  Only 46% support Common Core and now 40% of teachers oppose.

Could it be that teachers are now experiencing more than talking points and empty promises?  Yes I believe so.  They are now see the impact it will make in the classroom, and it doesn’t appear to be positive.

The PDK/Gallup poll shows that public awareness about the Common Core is growing and with it opposition.  Last year this time only 1 in 3 Americans knew anything about the Common Core.  Now 8 in 10 Americans say they have heard of it with 47% who said they have heard a great deal or fair amount about the standards.

60% of Americans according to their poll oppose using Common Core.

Think about this… that is slightly less than the number of Americans last year who hadn’t heard about Common Core.  PDK/Gallup writes, “for the 60% of Americans who oppose using the Common Core, their most important reason is that it will limit the flexibility that teachers have to teach what they think is best.”

Among public school parents the opposition grows with 62% saying the oppose Common Core with 32% saying the approve.  Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove of the Common Core by a 76% to 17% margin.  Independents oppose 60% to 34%.  A majority of Democrats support the Common Core, but even in their party there is a significant opposition with 53% who support and 38% who oppose.

Americans are split in their views of standardized testing with 54% saying they are not helpful and 45% saying they are.  Those numbers are fairly consistent within 1 or 2 points when you compare with Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  When you look at public school parents the disdain for standardized testing jumps. 68% say standardized testing is not helpful, while only 31% say that it is.