Tea Party Rising in Indiana Against Common Core

Indianapolis Tea Party, 2009

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett are pushing in favor of the Common Core State Standards even though embracing them undermines the conservative principles they say they hold.  That isn’t even to mention that several critics (including one common core supporter) have noted that Indiana is swapping out superior standards for mediocre ones all in the name of “being able to speak the same language” in our “society of comparisons.”

Andrea Neal of The Indianapolis Star wrote:

Leading policy experts on standards and curriculum have questioned why Indiana would abandon its previous standards, which were ranked among the best in the country.

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a champion of Common Core, has called Indiana’s English and language arts standards “clearly superior” and our math standards of comparable quality. Nationally known reform expert Sandra Stotsky says Indiana traded in a “silk purse for a sow’s ear” when education officials adopted the Core’s high school English standards.

Daniels and Bennett are also butting up against some grassroots opposition:

The Coalition of Central Indiana Tea Parties wants Indiana to withdraw from what it calls “the unconstitutional federal education takeover.”…

…”All around the country backlash is occurring belatedly because of the speed and manner in which these were adopted,” says Heather Crossin, an Indianapolis citizen-activist involved in education issues. “It didn’t go through a legislature. The public was largely unaware. There wasn’t enough time to do a proper analysis the issues deserve.”

We can only hope to see the increased involvement of Tea Party groups like the ones in Indiana rise up against the Common Core State Standards.  Grassroots opposition is needed as educrats, many legislators, and Governors, even ones who claim to hold conservative principles, are becoming increasingly tone deaf.