He Sued The School System (Video)

This spoken word video by Prince Ea highlights problems with the public school system in particular it’s one-size fits all approach.

Watch below:


I don’t agree with everything he says here. I think the argument about teacher’s pay falls flat, sorry, it just does. I worked in a non-profit for 20 years and would have loved to have the salary and benefits many teachers had while only working 10 months a year. Now in the early to mid 20th century I think you could make that argument, but not today in most school districts.

My two cents.

I’m also leery about promoting online education which he seems to be doing. As a supplement it’s a good tool, but I’m not a fan of it being the primary source for education. Not that the quality is necessarily bad, but because kids already are in front of a screen a lot.

In terms of school being one-size-fits all, and his comments about Common Core and standardized testing. Spot on.

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  1. Its a very good message….It should be spread broadly and people should know the respect abd value about a teacher also….

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