Stotsky and Milgram Offer Manchester Schools Their Assistance

manchester-public-schoolsLast week Manchester Schools in New Hampshire rejected the Common Core State Standards deciding instead to develop superior Manchester Academic Standards.

Yesterday it was reported that they have some help if they want it.

Via Girard at Large:

Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram, the content experts who refused to validate the Common Core State Standards despite being hired and paid by Common Core to do so, have offered their assistance to the Manchester School District as it embarks on the development of its own academic standards.  In the letter addressed to Mayor Ted Gatsas in his capacity as  Chairman of the School Board, the two offered their assistance and expertise at no cost to the district.  Stotsky is largely credited with developing the standards that led Massachusetts students to the top of national test scores in a mere four years, and Milgram was intimately involved in the development of California’s mathematics standards, which were viewed as among the best in the country.  The two submitted frameworks in English Language Arts and Mathematics with the letter as a starting point and a contrast with the Common Core and said they would be willing to advise the board on an efficient and transparent process to develop the new standards, review and comment on the standards as their promulgated, and suggest textbooks and other curriculum materials to help implement the standards once adopted.  In an interview with Girard at Large, Gatsas said he was sure Dr. Livingston will be more than happy to take anyone’s input once she gets things up and running.  Girard at Large obtained the letter as Stotsky and Milgram, both of whom have been interviewed on this show, asked us to forward the matter to the Mayor, Board of School Committee and Superintendent Debra Livingston on their behalf.  We sent it to the mayor figuring he’d handle it from there.  We have, of course, posted the letter and its attachments with this news cast at Girard at Large dot com.