#StopCommonCore vs. #SupportTheCore

It’s pretty obvious that our #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally was effective on Tuesday.  StateImpact Indiana compared us to the #SupportTheCore counter rally that was going on the same time.

A snapshot of Twitter analytics from the website Hashtracking around 1 pm ET showed the#StopCommonCore hashtag was “reaching” over 1.9 million Twitter users. #SupportTheCore reached closer to 260,000 users.

Alyson Williams in an email last night pointed to a little research she had done (see at end):

The attached report includes a few social media snapshots of the twitter rally according to Nuviapp.com The estimated audience was 2,493,308 including tweets for the whole 24 hour period of April 16. 

If we do this again I’ll try to track #supportthecore too for comparison.

I think the screen shots below are pretty interesting as well, from #HashtagBattle which measures according to their website, “the Twitter hashtags that are significant and valid. Significant (to us) means a tweet that’s been retweeted or contains a link. Valid means we’ve removed any bots or spammy sources.”

Here is the #StopCommonCore vs. #SupportTheCore for the week thus far:



While it certainly doesn’t accurately portray the level of support for each, it does mean that we are establishing a pretty good social media presence. 

I thought it would be interesting to compare how #StopCommonCore matched up to #CommonCore (a hashtag more often used by supporters).  Below is the screenshot of that battle for yesterday.



A little more evenly matched.  For the week thus far due to our Twitter rally we had a wide margin.  It should be said that our side uses the #CommonCore hashtag as well.



We are planning an encore and I’ll follow up with details.

You can see Alyson’s report below.

#StopCommonCore Twitter Rally Report

Great job to all those who participated!