Stop Common Core Funding in California

This is a reader submission a concerned parent in California, about a bill that would establish California’s new Common Core-aligned assessment and pave the way for Smarter Balanced Assessments:

I just got off the phone with staff in the CA State Senate Appropriations Committee about AB 484 (Bonilla) Pupil assessments: California Measurement of Academic Performance and Progress for the 21st Century (CalMAPP21) (see here).

AB 484 was amended again and sent to the Senate floor with a do pass recommendation last Friday, Aug. 30, 2013. As of this writing, the last set of amendments have not been made available to or published on the public record. Who knows what their up too? We MUST remind CA Senators they answer to us and hold them accountable! AB 484 could hit the full Senate floor for final vote any day. This bill has already made its way through the Assembly. This is our LAST opportunity to STOP AB 484 dead in its tracks.

Please CALL – FAX – EMAIL – WRITE every CA State Senator TODAY Tell them NO on AB 484. And tell them you are watching THEM. Please SHARE this in all of your groups, FB pages and with all of the organizations fighting Common Core throughout the Country. Ask them to SHARE on their sites and with their email lists. We must alert every concerned parent in CA. It’s time for Californians to do OUR job by taking control from out of control State bureaucrats and special interest groups who have sold us out and jeopardized our children and future generations.

All hands on deck! Let’s get busy and make some NOISE in Sacramento! NO on AB 484. Email format: Senator. lastname @

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  1. I just spoke with CA Senate Minority Leader, Senator Huff’s staff re: AB484. Senate is not in session today. Busy working on MORE amendments behind closed doors.

    This is a clear violation of Senate Rules and the State Constitution. Our reps are REQUIRED by LAW to make ALL amendments available to the public and provide reasonable time for comment. Tomorrow Fri. 9/6 is the last day to offer up amendments or refer to another Committee…like RULES. If they play this fast and loose end of session game again tomorrow, the bill won’t hit the floor for Vote until next week – which is TO LATE to amend or refer out to RULES Committee – IF they play by the RULES next week!

    Call and email your Senators NOW. Tell them to RISE in OPPOSITION to AB484! Let them KNOW all Aye Votes are in violation of their Oath of Office and grounds for removal.

    We The People of CA must Stand Up. We must demand our Senators do the same! May the sparks of Liberty and TRUTH fly high on the CA Senate floor!!!

  2. CA Senate floor amendments 9/6/13

    “AB-484 (Bonilla) Pupil assessments: California Measurement of Academic Performance and Progress for the 21st Century (CalMAPP21)”

    Has morphed to:

    “AB-484 Pupil assessments: Measurement of Academic Performance and Progress (MAPP)”

    Some new buzz words of note: “local educational agency” “Field Tests” “Matrix Tests” “Federal”

    See “Todays Law as Amended” 9/6/13

  3. RED FLAGS from CA Sen Floor Amendments 9/6/13

    Ed Code Sec. 16, 60641 strikes out “school districts” and replaces it with “local educational agencies.” What is THAT!

  4. State Board of Education has been changed to state board

    (s) “Performance tasks” are a collection of questions or activities that relate to a single scenario that include pupil interaction with stimulus. Performance tasks are a means to assess more complex skills such as writing, research, and analysis.
    (m) (t) “Publisher” means a commercial publisher or any other public or private entity, other than the department, which is able to provide tests or test items that meet the requirements of this chapter. “Personally identifiable information” includes a pupil’s name and other direct personal identifiers, such as the pupil’s identification number. Personally identifiable information also includes indirect identifiers, such as the pupil’s address and personal characteristics, or other information that would make the pupil’s identity easily traceable through the use of a single or multiple data sources, including publicly available information.

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