Follow These #StopCommonCore & #EndFedEd Activists on Twitter

Be sure to check out people who use the #StopCommonCore hashtag!

Mike Petrilli shared the “top” education policy people and organizations on Twitter in 2017. He based in on Klout scores and Twitter followers. I also noticed with the exception of Diane Ravitch I didn’t see anyone who was anti-Common Core.

I’d like to share my list of #StopCommonCore and #EndFedEd folks (and forgive me ahead of time I’m sure I’m going to forget someone) who are active on Twitter (they may not always tweet about education policy) along with a preview of some of their latest tweets. Be sure to add your suggestions in the comments.

Emmett McGroarty with American Principles Project

Jane Robbins with American Principles Project

Sandra Stotsky

I’d be remiss not to encourage you to follow me.

The Common Core Diva – Lynne Taylor

Christopher Tienken

Nicholas Tampio at Fordham University.

Kathleen Jasper

Cheri Kiesecker

Frederick Hess with American Enterprise Institute

Karen Woltman – great on education policy in Iowa

Joy Pullman with the Heartland Institute

Ed Activist NH (I think this is Ann Marie Banfield, but I’m not certain.)

Stephanie Zimmerman with Idahoans for Local Education

Christel Swasey – Parent, a former educator, and activist in Utah.

Will Estrada with Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Alisa Ellis – A parent and education activist in Utah.

Karen Effrem with Education Liberty Watch and Florida Stop Common Core Coalition

Neal McCluskey with Cato Institute

Alice Linahan – Education activist in Texas

A.P. Dillion – An education activist in North Carolina.

Jay P. Greene – Professor of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas

James Shuls with the Show-Me Institute

Carol Burris – Network of Public Educators

Gretchen Logue – Missouri Education Watchdog

Michelle Malkin (She helped #StopCommonCore make its mark in the Twitterverse)

Barry Garelick – All things math.

Lindsey Burke with the Heritage Foundation

Karen Braun – Parent and education activist in Michigan

Oak Norton – Founder of Utahns Against Common Core

Michelle Earle – Parent and education activist in New York.

Mommy Lobby – an education activist in Arizona

Lisa Hudson – Arizona parent activist

Victoria Young – an education activist in Idaho.

Teri Sasseville – An education activist in Georgia

Melanie Kurdys – A parent and education activist in Michigan

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