Stop Common Core Activist Blocked From a Kasich Event

A tea party leader, Ann Becker, was blocked from entering a campaign event for Governor John Kasich (R-Ohio). She says it was because of what she was wearing – a Stop Common Core t-shirt from Ohioans Against Common Core. The campaign said that wasn’t the reason. They say she was kept out because she was being disruptive.

How does one have the chance to be disruptive before even entering the event?

Here is an excerpt from The Cincinnati Enquirer recounting the incident.

Ann Becker, tea party president and a Butler County voter, said she was wearing an “Ohioans Against Common Core” T-shirt when private security stopped her from entering the event at Voice of America MetroPark and asked if she was invited.

Kasich campaign spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp said the incident had nothing to do with the T-shirt. People wearing those same T-shirts were permitted in a similar Kasich rally in Hamilton County, she said. About 200 supporters attended the West Chester rally.

“It was about the fact that they were disrupting an event,” Wehrkamp said. “They were asked to leave and the event went on without problems from there.”

The dispute over the rally comes as polls show Kasich cruising to re-election – and getting national chatter as a possible 2016 presidential candidate. It underscores difficulties Kasich may face in any GOP primaries, in which the party’s more conservative faction often flexes its muscle.

At Monday’s rally, Becker – who served as a Butler County GOP central committee woman until May – said she was told she was not on the guest list, even though she showed the officer the email RSVP she had sent to the Butler County GOP earlier in the day.

“He said I had to leave the premises immediately or I would be removed,” said Becker, who was among a group of T-shirt wearing protesters who were denied access to the event.