Some Fuzzy Research on Common Core Math Standards

Achieve pointed out new research that links Common Core Math Standards to higher achievement.  Fascinating since those standards haven’t been implemented yet.  Maybe they are testing them on animal subjects… somebody better warn PETA. 

Oh never mind, here’s how they got their results…

Schmidt’s work focuses on the strong resemblance of the CCSS for mathematics to the standards of the highest-achieving nations; the improvement in focus, coherence and rigor of the CCSS for mathematics beyond the state standards they replaced; and the link between higher National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) mathematics scores and states with standards closely aligned to the CCSS for mathematics.

This is research that is co-sponsored by Achieve who in turn is being funded by The Gates Foundation who supports national standards.  Typically you launch into a study without a predetermined result.  The key words here are “closely aligned”… so not the Common Core Math Standards themselves.  Forget what else may be taking place in those classrooms, forget that some of the subject students aren’t even in American classrooms.  Forget this isn’t how credible research is done.

This folks is what we call fuzzy research or as Greg Forster would put it “pre-search.”