Seven Common Core Bills Filed in Oklahoma Legislature

Oklahoma State Capitol

Five Common Core bills have been filed in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and two bills have been filed in the Oklahoma Senate.  Two of the bills in the Oklahoma House are repeal bills.  They delete the one paragraph in SB2033 that made the Common Core law in Oklahoma.  The first bill is HB 2786 authored by State Representative Jadine Nollan.  The second bill is HB 2849 authored by State Representative Dan Fisher.

State Senator Eddie Fields authored two bills in the Oklahoma Senate.  The first bill is SB 1146 which is a a repeal bill that also includes direction to the State Board of Education to remove all alignment in the standards to the Common Core, stop Common Core assessments and require the state board to revise their agreement with the feds that will allow Oklahoma to get out from under the standards.

The other bill, SB 1310, would establish a task force the purpose of which would be to "review curricular standards approved by the State Board of Education and make recommendations to the Legislature regarding new curricular standards."

HB 3331 was authored by Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon and it prevents the Oklahoma Department of Education from entering into any agreements with the Federal government that would align Oklahoma standards to the Common Core – directs the Department to amend any agreements with the feds so that Oklahoma may be released from using the Common Core standards.  It is similar to SB 1146.

State Representative Gus Blackwell authored HB 3166 which repeals the standards and then puts in place the "Local Curriculum Standards Pilot Program" in which ANY school district could adopt their own standards (even if they do not align with state standards) for five years.  After that time, there will be a comparison made among schools using the state standards and those using their own local standards using standardized, criterion-referenced tests.

State Representative Jason Nelson authored HB 3399 prevents federal control over state standards.  It requires any agency using federal money or programming – including those collecting data on students – to amend existing agreements to extricate themselves from any agreements that would cede control over K-12 education from outside the state. This bill would not repeal the Common Core, but instead, puts the standards on ‘pause’ for a full year during which the state assessments will reflect PASS and not CC.  It directs the state board to examine the English/LA and math standards, and then compare them with PASS in 9 different areas.  A written review of the comparison must be submitted to the House, Senate and Governor for their own review.

Jenni White of Restore Oklahoma Public Education said that repealing the Common Core is the priority, but if those bills get stuck in the Oklahoma Senate Education Committee because of Senator John Ford blocking repeal bills in his committee then Nelson’s bill would be a good fall back bill.

Photo credit: © Caleb Long (CC-By-SA 2.5)