SD State Rep Drops Statewide Campaign in Order to Fight Common Core

BolinThe Sioux Falls Argus Leader reports late last night that South Dakota State Representative Jim Bolin (R-Canton) gave up his campaign to become South Dakota’s Commissioner of School and Public Lands in order to focus on his fight against Common Core.

For six months, state Rep. Jim Bolin has been waging a determined campaign to be South Dakota’s next commissioner of School and Public Lands.

But on Thursday morning, Bolin threw his bid for statewide office away to pursue a greater passion: his activist opposition to the Common Core State Standards for K-12 education.

“Due to the fact that I was an early and vocal skeptic of the Common Core, I have been deluged with requests to comment on this subject from all over the state,” Bolin said in a statement Thursday. “I have concluded that I cannot run an effective statewide race and at the same time be heavily involved in efforts to oppose Common Core.”

I had the pleasure of meeting State Representative Bolin last month at the Common Core forum in Sioux Falls (BTW there’s another one happening there this weekend with Sandra Stotsky).  Thanks for your commitment Jim, South Dakota is lucky to have you in the fight!