Sandra Stotsky: Local School Boards Must Take Action Now

Local school boards must take action now. They still have the legal authority in every single state even if they are told they don’t, or think they don’t.

They must, upon petition by parents asap, vote (1) to allow parents to opt-out their children from any Common Core-based test (pilot, field, or regular); (2) to forbid any further implementation of curriculum based on and addressing CC standards; (3) to eliminate use of CC standards in their school district; (4) to develop/adopt any other set of standards in ELA, math, or science they want; and (5) to require their K-12 curriculum to address these other standards once they are developed/adopted.

Every local school board has the legal authority to require these actions. Only the state legislature can pass a bill that eliminates local control/authority. No state legislature will.

I will give 1-2 free days of professional development to develop first-rate ELA standards with the English/reading teachers in any school district in the country that votes the above. All it has to do is pay my travel expenses.

2 thoughts on “Sandra Stotsky: Local School Boards Must Take Action Now

  1. How do we go about confronting our school board? I am a resident of Mississippi, and they are supposed to be fully implementing common core nect year. I personally talked to our school district’ s assistant SA & she did not really know anything about common core. Should we compose a letter with all info regarding cc followed by a petition to stop it?

    K. Watson

    1. Yes!! I’m in Louisiana and I have sent several letters to the editor in our local paper. Please join Stop Common Core in Mississippi on Facebook, or go to Louisiana Walk Out Day Against Common Core, Stop Common Core in Louisiana, National Opt Out and Refuse The Test Camapign..all these are on Facebook. You will be directed on finding the opt out forms for your state. I just opted my 3rd grader out of testing here in La.

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