When a Repeal Isn’t a Repeal

West Virginia State Capitol Building – Charleston, WV
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SB 524 currently before the West Virginia Senate is being touted as a Common Core repeal. The bill, unlike the HB 2443 introduced in the West Virginia House of Delegates, does not effectively repeal the Common Core State Standards.

Let me explain.

Right now SB 524, if passed, would prohibit the State Board of Education from implementing the Common Core State Standards by July 1, 2018. Sounds good right?

Well, that in itself is a a watering down of the bill as this reflects an amendment, the introduced version said the prohibition was effective July 1, 2017. So this gives Common Core another year to be entrenched in West Virginia schools.

Then the HB 2443 and the original version of SB 524 required the adoption of Massachusetts’ ELA standards pre-Common Core and California’s math standards pre-Common Core. This was amended out.

Why? Susan Berry with Breitbart News reports the explanation State Senator Robert Karnes (R-Ripley), the author of that amendment, told her:

I’m fine with those standards, but there was a real concerted effort by some to…I don’t know if you could exactly say slander, but let’s just say they hit those standards very hard for being old and out of touch…and it was carrying a lot of weight. So, the amendment, essentially, served one purpose, and that was to keep the bill alive and move it over to the House.

And there’s an effort over there to define more clearly what we did in the amendment, essentially saying that state teachers, state educators, will be involved in any standards formulation, adoption, etc. We put that in there, and I’m told that on the House side they’ve got some even better language.

But, having those specific standards in there, I believe would have essentially killed the bill. It’s better to keep it moving than to watch it die.

There is not requirement for the state to adopt proven standards right away, but move straight to the development of new standards which would require the Board to “allow West Virginia educators the opportunity to participate in the development of the academic standards.”

There would then be a sixty day comment period and four public hearings.

Needless to say, that doesn’t provide any assurances West Virginia won’t end up with a rebrand. Actually what we’ve seen thus far in other states pretty much guarantees it.

The State Board of Education recently voted to move away from Smarter Balanced starting next school year. What will the state end up with?

It’s important to note that the Every Student Succeeds Act requires as part of a state’s accountability plan to have standards and an assessment that are aligned with one another.

If the State Board of Education is develops a new assessment before being prohibited from implementing the Common Core State Standards what do we think their new assessment will be aligned to?

When they develop new standards under this new assessment what do we think those standards will be aligned to?

In the end you have Common Core or some version of it.

I agree with Erin Tuttle, co-founder of Hoosiers Against Common Core, that saw a rebranding in their own state Susan Berry quotes Tuttle in her piece:

Despite boastful claims from state legislators that Common Core was repealed, the people of West Virginia aren’t buying it. The fact that every school is still using Common Core textbooks and administering a Common Core test (Smarter Balance) is an everyday reminder to students, parents, and teachers that the state legislature’s claim is false….

….Until state legislators stop lying to themselves and admit what everyone else knows to be true, very little progress will be made by West Virginia’s schools. The state legislature needs to face reality and pass a bill that not only repeals Common Core, but ensures it is replaced by standards that work.

One thought on “When a Repeal Isn’t a Repeal

  1. It is truly long past due for us to stop fighting a battle we cannot win. They are entrenched. They have their claws dug deep and they will NEVER ease up. They have gotten what they have worked decades to achieve while we were working and putting our faith in the elected. I for one gave up on this battle 2 years ago. I was hoping others would see what history had told me but as of today for the most part that has not happened. We still have many people thinking our government, at every level, will one day wake up and do the right thing. This is NOT going to happen. We put our faith and trust in their hands. We put the future of our children in their hands and that was our mistake. We know the truth. We know what they are doing. So it is now time for people to stop wasting their time, energy and money to fix a system that cannot and will not be fixed. It is time for us to circumvent the system. Use the system to protect our children. Home school to me is the only answer (as long as parents do not allow ESAs or vouchers into their home school program and research the program they use). Now I know all the arguments and I know we will never get 100% of all kids out of the system but where there is a will there is always a way. If you want to make it happen you will, if not you will find an excuse. Communities need to come together and help their neighbors. But until people understand there is no saving what once was a true system of education now replaced by a system of indoctrination hell bent on changing the attitudes, values and beliefs of a nation the problem will remain and will flourish and succeed. It is time people understood our government is not going to help us. We need to get up off our knees and make the system work for us and it is us and only us that can make that happen. We have churches that sit empty all week long. Go to your church and ask them to donate one little room. Meet with the Pastor and then the parish and come up with a plan to help the children of that parish get out of the system. If every church in America would open one room for a class we could bring in Freedom Project Academy and quickly and affordably provide a good education for a lot of kids. This is just one idea that is being floated. There are many others coming up with ways to help working parents get their kids out of the trap. If every retired person would take on a small community co-op or just take in one neighborhood child or their grand children again we could chip away a little more. The more we chip away the more we destroy their plans to destroy us. But all the blogs and education activists in this fight continue to send out articles day after day beating the same drum and that is pure insanity. It is time to STARVE THE BEAST and only WE can do that. That beast needs our children to survive. The answer is simple.

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