Reclaiming Education Freedom: The Fight to Stop Common Core National Standards and Tests

The Heritage Foundation and Claire Boothe Luce Foundation had a great event for conservative women discussing the Common Core. I caught about the last 20 minutes of it. Lindsey Burke of Heritage spoke first, then Joy Pullmann of the Heartland Institute gave her remarks. They ended with a brief Q&A session. The video is now available which you can watch below.


2 thoughts on “Reclaiming Education Freedom: The Fight to Stop Common Core National Standards and Tests

  1. I watched this live when it was taking place. Lindsey and Joy are fast becoming my favorite speakers on the subject. My only objection is with Heritage Foundation’s stand on Charter Schools. They don’t seem to understand Charters are part of the progressive plan to privatize education and replace public schools and elected school boards. Once this is accomplished parents will have no control and no place to turn. Total loss of parental control will be accomplished. The old carrot and the stick. The only answer to fixing education in America is to get rid of the US Department of Education. If all these so called conservative think tanks would stand up and speak the truth and campaign to get rid of the US Dept. of Ed. I think they would be very surprised at how much support they would get from the public. The public knows what is wrong and how to fix it but no one is interested in addressing the REAL problem.

  2. I’m surprised she quoted Gov. Brewer and AZ policy about education. AZ has fully embraced Common Core. We cannot get our Gov Brewer or Superintedent Huppenthol to sign a pin and get us out. Our Superintendent Huppenthol went on three trips to Japan, China, and Brazil paid for by Pearson.

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