Rally Against Common Core in Michigan

Stop Common Core in Michigan is organizing a rally next week to push for the defunding of the Common Core.  As you may remember the Michigan House voted to defund its implementation in the state.  It will be held on Tuesday, May 14th from 8:30p – 3:00p (EDT) with activities throughout the day.

9:30a The Regular meeting of the Board of Education

Fourth Floor John A Hannah Building 608 West Allegan, Lansing

10:30a A special joint meeting of the Board of Education, House Subcommittees on Education

Same location

11:30a-1p Rally The plaza outside of Lansing City Hall!  The address is 123 N Capitol, Lansing, MI 48933.  Where Michigan Ave. dead ends into Capitol Ave. Bring signs “I am a precinct delegate”, STOP COMMON CORE, Education belongs to families

1:00p Return to State Board meeting for Public comment before the vote on the Next Generation Science Standards. Bring written testimony in case there are too many people who want to speak.

If you have time, call on your Representative and Senator.

**PARKING – There is another Rally in Lansing that day. Plan ahead!!

These are the key legislators in the Education Appropriations process.

In addition to your own reps, consider talking to these folks. We really need their firm commitment.

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Department of Education Members

  • Rep. Bill Rogers, Chair 3-1784
  • Rep. Martin Howrylak, Majority Vice-Chair
  • Rep. Matt Lori
  • Rep. Phil Potvin
  • Rep. Sam Singh, Min. Vice-Chair
  • Rep. Adam Zemke

House Appropriations Subcommittee on School Aid Members

  • Rep. Bill Rogers, Chair 3-1784
  • Rep. Phil Potvin, Majority Vice-Chair
  • Rep. Matt Lori
  • Rep. Martin Howrylak
  • Rep. Brandon Dillon, Minority Vice-Chair
  • Rep. Terry L. Brown