Principal Tells Parent: You Can’t Talk About Common Core

shhhhA parent in a public school in Raleigh, NC (part of the Wake County Public School System) said that the principal of her child’s school told her not to communicate with other parents about the Common Core.  She asked for her name to be withheld.

When I began seeing the ill affects of Common Core in my second grader’s classroom, I reached out to other parents and asked if it was just me.  Other parents echoed how they did not like the Common Core Math and what it was doing to their children.  We asked for a meeting with the teacher and the principal.  The principal denied us access to meet with her as a group, and outright told me to stop communicating with other parents about the Common Core because I was generating "unrest."

Anyone else experiencing this?  Leave your story in the comment section below.

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  1. Actually, I experience the opposite. Our principal and teachers are very open to talk about Common Core. (Eastern NC, Onslow County Schools) and welcome questions and concerns about anything going on with curriculum or standards or anything! That is too bad that she is being told that. Not very good “business” in my opinion.

    1. Comrade, you were not at the meeting. We are supposed to say, “Sometimes parents don’t understand why rigorous, world-class standards are important.”

      1. Dear HappyELfMom, You haven’t read the Toolkit that I provided in my post have you? I’m guessing you are a young teacher or you are not a teacher at all. IF they are so rigorous, then tell me the website where I can look at the Benchmark Test Results they claim, but cannot provide!! In the Nashville Hearings on CC on Sept 20th the State Board could NOT Back ANYTHING they Said! They had NO PROOF OF ANYTHING! Our people had Masters of the United States in the Academics Divisions who were on the CC Validation Committees at the hearings. They proved how these standards are NOT rigorous and where these standards come from. They had the Proof of this information even off from Gov’t websites. I have teachers who are admitting to me that these are NOT Rigorous Standards and they are to dumb down our children and she even stated that their directions are coming from the TOOLKIT that I provided in my earlier post. You need to do your research. What you are to tell the Parents or say to the media or who ever is invalid. IF you want to LIE to people that is your own issue, but I choose NOT to.

        1. Educrats don’t have toCONVINCEthe peasants of the great unwashed. They own the schools and they own the kidsand will do with them as they wish.

      2. There are anti-American educrates embedded in the inter national bureaucracies and in every major participant country eager to alter the USAby manipulating its history and constitution through “voluntary’agreements between their socialists and ours.

      1. That’s because you never opened your mouth. I told my Gov’t teacher off and proved him wrong when I was a Junior in Highschool. Told him he wasn’t brain washing me with the NEW stuff that the Gov’t wants him to teach, because I was taught the truth in my earlier years in school and remember what I was taught.

    1. If the petit tyrant is afraid of parental unrest, he deserves a heaping helping of it. NOsalary or budget increases. NOmore typists or flunkies or decdecorated offices. Every time he puts a toe across the line, the chopper should take some toes until he remembers who he works for!

  2. I had a similar situation occur at “Meet the Teachers” night at my local (public) elementary school. The parents went to their child’s class and met as a group in the classroom. The teacher had a presentation prepared, and I sat patiently and respectfully listened. But there came a point when she solicited questions from the parents, and I immediately spoke out about two of my concerns. The first was that Common Core abolishes cursive writing. The second was Math related and pertained to the different methods that will be presented to solve equations. I could tell by looking around the room that the other parents were intrigued with my concerns and most looked like they had no clue about CC and what it will force our children to learn or to relinquish. The teacher spoke to me and said she would not comment on my concerns except to say that I could request a “conference” with her at a later date and she would address my concerns. Educators and administrators are so afraid that someone will educate the parents about the dangers of CC. Right now most of the parents are clueless and easily persuaded that CC is best for the children. All of us who know better should be spreading the word to other parents. Common Core is wrong for our children. Otherwise, there would be no need to silence discussion among parents for just wanting to learn about it and what it offers, or in this case doesn’t offer. Not allowing any discussion is a GIANT red flag.

    1. You’d be surprised how many of us teachers actually don’t really understand what the CC really is yet. We hear what we’re told in meetings and professional development seminars.

      1. We are experiencing the same thing with teachers in our district. We are trying to get the teachers educated on common core. What will it take to get teachers to realize that it is more than just another set of standards and it is their duty as educators to get themselves educated? We see this as a serious dilemma.

        1. One of our teachers didn’t even know that ‘Think Math’, which they teach, is aligned with Common Core. Before I told her that, she mentioned how all the teachers hate it. So, you all hate Common Core math? Why ot help us fight it?

          1. There are teachers that are fighting (quietly) the privatization of public education. Agreed – many are still unaware; Those that are aware don’t know what to do. Any attempt to educate is looked as a “ineffective” teaching. District employees are considered “agents of the state” (not my words) and must support what the state is imposing – even though the mandates are unproven, flawed, unfunded and unhealthy for children and the future of public education. Parents must protect their children. You will find support with the teachers – keep looking – keep educating.

          2. Thank you. I guess I will keep trying! Not much else to do when our State just hands us over to the Feds.

          3. Have you considered abolition of the State Dept. of Education?”by their fruits you will know them.”

          4. Stop caring what the enemy labels you as. They’ll get respectful enough after you put their authoritarian tails in a twist.

        2. You say this like teachers have any power at all. We DO understand it’s another set of standards. For DECADES teachers have been speaking against too much testing, one-size-fits-all learning, and legislation by people who have never been in a classroom. Have you been listening? Those who do hear us call us whiners–or turn us into public enemy #1. This is a hard place to be. But citizens have put in power the people who legislate this. I don’t think it’s teachers who will change it, mainly because they haven’t been able to so far. It’s parents and voters who will finally wake up, visit classrooms, ask question–and keep asking questions, even though there is administrative avoidance behavior. Instead of standing by and calling teachers names, why not get involved in positive change that will benefit everyone?

      2. If you dont know what it is yet then how can you teach it ? Why would anyone present,anything that they did not comprehend

        1. Because they will loose their jobs if they don’t teach it, if they talk against it, and if the children do not score a certain score on the test. Many good teachers are quitting because they know what this really is. 93 teachers all resigned on the same day in Cheatham County TN because of Common Core.

        2. /if they don’t know anything about it, they can’t criticize or find ways around it. Ignorant teachers are easier to manipulate.

      3. Do your research on it. Look up how many states are against it and why. Look up Glen Beck on it. He’s loosing his credibility, but he does give correct info on it.

    2. Be careful on accusing “educators” we are not a part of the CC decision making and do not all agree. It is called a “job” and we teach and spend many hours and personal money providing and making sure YOUR child is educated. You might be surprised at how many of us are doing the RIGHT thing for your child but keeping our mouths shut so that we have a job…….28 years and counting……45K a year with a masters..(minus all I buy to make it even better because the school doesnt provide)…..yeh I care

      1. Kudos to you, YOLO! Keep your spirits up, and THANK YOU for your passion for teaching our children. Do pray that parents learn what they can about it in a positive way so that they can, at some point, support what you are trying so hard to do for our kids! I am learning about CC, I don’t know what to think about it yet, but I am willing to give my son’s teachers a chance to figure it out and make it work in their classrooms!

  3. Having our first community awareness meeting tonight. So many parents have never heard of common core! Hoping for some activists for our cause to be in attendance.

    1. Better be, there will be carefully selected and prepared common core throne sniffers seated right next to the microphones.

  4. U r better off sending kids to catholic school, they will have a better education than public school, that is dumbing down kids. I am teaching my grandkids what the school is not teaching them. Old fashion math , reading & writing. The real history of native & black, chinese people. Not the Lies that goverment wants u to believe.

    1. Catholic Schools have aligned all over the country especially here in NY.
      The NY Archdiocese has given CCCII (Common Core Catholic Identity
      Initiative) its blessings. CCCII is nothing more than CCSS with a crucifix on top of it. A lot of independent catholic schools have also aligned — unfortunately. The powers that be at NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) seem to have forgotten why parents take that avenue for their children in the first place!!

      1. Most of the Catholic Schools here in Cleveland, OH (I think one may not have) have implemented CC this year. So these parents are paying thousands of dollars to have their kids dumbed down just like the public schools! Yeap, as long as you can explain how you came to 3 X 4 = 11, then you got the answer right.

      2. Catholic schools in my town (suburban Kansas City) are using the same mathematics curriculum as public schools, but I can’t speak for other locations.

    2. Actually, you’re better off homeschooling. Then you can direct 100% of your child’s education & not worry about people teaching them in ways that they can’t learn, and things you don’t want them to learn. Many Catholic schools are aligning to common core, and many bishops won’t listen to parents.

  5. Teachers everywhere are having their jobs threatened if they discuss Common Core. Administrators are bullying parents into thinking nothing is wrong. Common Core is abusive to students and is setting them and their teachers up to fail. Once they fail the corporate “reformers” will swoop in and take over schools and every cent of tax payer money. As a former teacher I refused to go back into the classroom because of Common Core and what it did to my students. It is up to the parents to SCREAM from the rooftops that Common Core must stop!!

    1. In my situation that I described above, I’m not sure if it was because this teacher had been threatened not to discuss CC or if she is very pro-CC and did not want me to give a dissenting viewpoint to the thus far uninformed parents. I haven’t had the time to press her for her views by scheduling a conference. I’m in school full-time, I work part-time, and I’m a single mom. Believe me, I would like to have that discussion with her. I did not consider until reading your post that teachers who know the truth about CC and how bad it really is could be in fear of losing their jobs. Thanks for giving me a new perspective. I won’t be so hard on my child’s teacher until I figure out which side of the fence she’s on.

      1. I can assure you that it is true! The teachers in my town have been told they can not post anything negative about CC on any social media site nor can they talk about it. I have family that teach and they are really scared to say anything. They are all in fear of their jobs (their contracts are done on a yearly basis here) if they say they don’t like it publicly but many have told me privately they hate it! But …the ones who are pro CC are very protective of it and if they find out a teacher has expressed concerns, from what I am seeing….there is almost a “spying” going on among some of the more ardent supporters of it. Some teachers are even frightened if they have family members who speak out against it!

        Until you speak with her it will be difficult to say if she is really against it and was fearful the other parents would start asking questions too and her principal would find out or if she is really for it and does not want questions asked! I know that there is a whole climate in Mississippi of the pro CC ppl not wanting ANYONE to ask questions but to merely accept the agenda being pushed by the pro CC ppl! It is really difficult to see the atmosphere in these states of fear and intimidation! To me that itself indicates a problem with CC. IF it is so good, they should be happy to answer concerns!

        As someone who has a family member who teaches, I can tell you that not only can she not talk about it, but I am not suppose to either! She was approached because I posted some links to it on another website. I feel like I am living in Communist China when I see the intimidation these teachers are under! We need to really be praying for them and for the children!

        1. Thanks for the valuable insight, and yes, we do need to pray for the children. We also need to pray for the parents that their eyes will be opened to see CC for what it really is.

          1. Counter organize. Using students as classroom monitors can work both ways.Pick a color to indicate watchers. Let the “agents of the state”see the cell phones recording- then get clips out to the media. If they organize for tyranny. You organize for freedom. Teachers aren’t Gods-and neither are administrators.

      2. And that is what these administrators are relying on… that we parents have real lives and don have time to stop this. So far, it is working.

  6. Common Core is tracking your entire family and putting all your data in a database.That is why they want it kept quiet, and no I’m not some conspiracy theorist. Do some digging.

    They will no longer teach cursive writing. The math is taking children completely backwards and teaching a dumbed down method. There are some VERY serious problems that need to be addressed and parents should be at arms.

    1. That is correct…see here and what is happening in New York State..inbloom, Murdhoch, wireless generation and amplify…they want your kids data…data is for sale, data equals revenue. Kids are mules for the testing industry and for a teacher evaluation program. Race to the trough is a stimulus plan masquerading as reform. Crony educapitalism is the name of the game.

      See here: for some reason I can’t inbloom presentation updated 9.30.13, scribd

    2. Here is what a teacher friend of mine told me. Coaches are being hired in school districts to monitor the teachers as they roll out the core. They are being put in classrooms to monitor the “progress” of individual teachers, and they are there NOW with IPADS in hand to make sure that the teachers are “effective”. I didn’t believe it so i went to the website for my school board and pulled up a few agenda’s and there they are “Teacher Facilitators” hired to roll out the common core liberal garbage and MAKE SURE that it is being taught the way that the PROGRESSIVES want it. In a nutshell consider this: my 2nd grader, my 9th grader and my 11th grader are all doing essentially the same thing in math right down to the handouts. UN BELIEVABLE and its all based upon the UNTESTED theory that the “new generation” of children are all about being VISUAL and need to be taught that way in order to learn. How dare these idiots assume my kids are not intelligent enough to LEARN HOW TO CALCULATE ? And why? Because kids in inner city schools DON’T LEARN because they DON’T WANT TO LEARN, because of social issues that our family HAS ESCAPED FROM, so that our kids MIGHT LEARN. I spent 3/4 of my life in poverty and went to an inner city school and only wanted to get away from it once i had children. And this is what the president meant when he said he wanted to ‘Level the playing field” he never meant to make kids smarter, he means to keep them all average. That way no ONE CHILD will stand out nor will they have that opportunity if something is not done now. There is no doubt that this has been contrived purposefully to lead out children to a world where they cannot be exceptional unless the government says they can.

  7. Not going through local principal, our group is going directly above to the local Board of Education and tag teaming that with local elected State representatives

  8. I have also experienced this situation. I saw an article by Dorothy Sayers about Common Core and forwarded it to my children’s principal. What I got back was a terse email with an article about all the lies that we parents are being told about Common Core. The article didn’t actually answer any of the questions I brought up, but I got the message. Resistance is futile. I will be a “troublemaker” if I continue to question. I wish I could quit my job and homeschool again.

    1. Our kids’ minds have been plugged into the Borg collective (ST:The Next Generation). Questions are irrelevant and resistance is futile. The unfortunate part of Common Core is that it will invade the material you can use to homeschool and will also affect the private school curriculum as well. The SAT and ACT and all standardized tests will be reconfigured to match CC teaching. So if you homeschool and your high schooler wants to attend college, he or she will have to learn CC methods or risk a lower score for portions of the test that they will likely leave blank because they would not know the CC answers. That’s an important point to drive home. Some people think they will be able to escape CC by homeschooling or sending their children to a private school. The CC agenda will place all forms of schooling, not just public schools, under their standards.

      1. You can always homeschool with vintage books. A lot of times for free. I put my own plans together. We will learn cursive. We may have to do some extra test prep to get ready for college entrance exams, but for a well educated kid, learning to take a test is not so bad.

        1. You cannot once all state standards are rigged to the test, and your children must perform at a “proficient” level to continue homeschooling. That’s down the road, but it’s on the agenda eventually…

          1. That it is ‘on the test’ seems to be the rationale for any number of offensive things parents protest. Concerns about Islamic studies (5 Pillars, general attitude toward ‘tolerant, kind’ Muslims being taught) are met with that fact: It’s on the state exams so we have to teach it! Note that the Ten Commandments or other Christian teachings are not ‘on the test’ – separation of Church and State you know! Are we CRAZY to take this?

          2. The Hitler Youth uniform, by the way was a brown short-sleeve shirt, black shorts and a black triangular neckerchief. The communist equivalent, the young people’s pioneers was a red necker on a white shirt or blouse, over blue pants or skirt.

        2. Or Ron Paul has a new book on homeschooling. Very well done and liberty oriented. Liberty, as in free will and self responsibility.

    2. The most important thing you can do as a parent is OPT OUT. Refuse any and all testing of your child. Common Core is based on data collection. If parents eliminate the data it can stop this takeover of public education by corporate interests who are only interested in creating average workers. My kids are not average and Common Core is not the answer.
      I am a teacher and after ONE year with Common Core I refused to go back. It is developmentally inappropriate and is setting kids up to fail. The damage it is doing is immeasurable. Parents have plenty of places to go for help including United Opt Out and the Badass Parent and Teacher Associations. BAT went from 2 members to 28,000 in just 3 months!! I am happy to help anyone with any questions. Be prepared to be bullied and lied too. There is LOTS of money behind this movement.

    3. You might get copies of that terse e-mail and send it to everyone in the chain of command, including the party town committees and the last crop of school committee candidates. Hoist them wit their own petard.

  9. We are about to find on on Friday. A group has accidently organized (as we feel we can’t talk about it at school) to bring it up at the pricipal’s coffee. Why am I so nervous?

    1. Beware of edudilettanates backed by billionaires posing as educators.

      That’s who’s after your chlidren…kids are data, kids are props, they need your tax$$$ funneled towards their eduschemes. Wake up.

  10. Is there a problem with organizing with the parents and shutting down the system in order to stop the madness ? Yeah its risky but if you get enough parents behind it and you are really concerned as a quality teacher would be. It damn well would be worth our future generation of leaders and teachers and parents and schools.

  11. All roads lead back to Bill…Gates is the wizard behind the curtain.

    This is an experiment on other people’s children, yours and mine, not his.

  12. WakeCounty Public Schools are awful. My grandson goes to Heritage High School in Wake Forest and never has homework. The teachers have to spend so much time filling out Common Core forms & rubricks that they have no time to create or grade homework. I am a former high school math teacher and his Algebra II course is a mess!

  13. I went to talk to my sons principal about the Common Core curriculum and about how I was afraid that he would be indoctrinated by the UN and forced to waste his precious bodily fluids. The principal SHOT me. When I called the police, they told me to mind my own business. What is this world coming to?

  14. Do it anyway. The future of our children are at stake. Teachers nationwide need to be forming groups who are willing to stand against this idiotic government policy. There is a war going on against everything we hold sacred here in America, and everyone must do their part in fighting this. Whatever your position in life may be, that is where you start. It stands to reason that a child, coming out of 6th grade, who does not comprehend even the most basic arithmetic, history, debate, philosophy, writing skills, etc… will be of no real value to society. I speak only on a social level, not a spiritual one, which is tied closely to education but is a slightly different matter as it goes without saying that every child is priceless and we own it to these children to give them a real education, not some bastardized government standard which produces nothing more than worker slaves for the Socialized government.

  15. Demand from your representatives in the house, and senate to Defund No Child Left Behind for failing the American people, and demand your 10th amendment rights for local education, and eleminate the department of education.

  16. If the states would STOP taking these federal dollars and tell the NEA to go to hell we could stop this shit

  17. Why do you think tenure and teacher’s unions have been attacked? Why do you think the new teacher evaluations are tied to test scores? These were calculated moves by the so-called “reformers” to bully teachers into submission! These attacks were aimed at bulling teachers and making them fearful of losing their jobs…their careers that they have worked hard for and invested much! The attacks on tenure and teacher’s unions are meant to threaten teachers into remaining quiet about the Common Core and the data mining that accompanies it!

    1. Manipulating teacher evaluations are standard procedures on the college level. Most of the deterioration in higher ed can be traced to Deans fiddling with the veal results to build a docile faculty.

    1. No wonder there is so little for the girls to choose from for patches and do in them now.

      1. Everything costs an arm and a leg now as well, because of CC. Our property taxes are going up due to it and they are going to continue to as well to cover the costs of the computers to constantly be updated. How did you, Teresa, find out that info?

  18. So you get a lawyer and sue them. A lawsuit scares them big time. trust me, I used to teach and deal with similar fools. 😉

  19. I’d tell that Principal that she don’t tell me what I can say or not say to others. We still have free speech. and I’d tell the principal to mind her own business. It would be great if all parents could home school.

  20. We are having difficulty trying to figure out how they are teaching our children, we feel better knowing we aren’t the only parents having an issue with common core, but what can we do about it?

  21. I encourage all of you to look up Bad Ass Teachers on Facebook. 30,000 members strong of people with lots of great info on Common Core Curriculum Standards. I would also look at National Opt Out and Bad Ass Parents, both on FaceBook.

    1. Or like the Truth in American Education page also Parents Against Common Core or Parents and Educators Against Common Core groups… There are also a lot of state based pages and groups.

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