Preview of Common Core Battle in Florida Legislature

florida-state-flagTampa Bay Times staff writer Jeffery Solochek wrote a brief preview of the Common Core debate to take place in the Florida Legislature next session.

Solochek wrote:

Lawmakers filed bills in both the House and Senate to halt the standards in 2014, but each died in their first committee without hearing. Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Board of Education have tried to distance themselves from the Common Core by rebranding them as Florida’s own. But in actuality the FLBOE simply made a few small amendments to the Common Core, such as adding cursive and calculus, and otherwise left it generally intact.

Opposition has not shrunk, especially as CCSS foes have allied themselves with anti-testing advocates who seem to be gaining ground statewide. With leaders like (State Senator Jack) Latvala having doubts, the issue appears more likely to have legs in the coming Florida legislative session.

If you live in Florida be sure to connect with groups like the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, Florida Parents RISE, and Floridians Against Common Core Education.  Let’s hope we see some real action this next legislative session in the Sunshine State.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Florida Parents RISE. We are working hard to make great strides to preserve a classical education for our children. Thank you, Shane, for your hard work and dedication.

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