President Obama Makes a Call….

Here is a strange story out of Idaho.  Julie Nawrocki, who teaches math at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls, ID, was called by President Obama to ask her help develop the new testing standards and teaching strategies for schools in the states that are part of the Idaho’s consortium.  Apparently this will take place for three weeks in Park City, UT.

Three questions.

1. Who is Julie Nawrocki that she’d be selected for this?  She could be a fabulous math teacher for all I know, but I find it rather curious.

2. The second, but more pertinent question is why was President Obama making this phone call?  If this is a “state-led” effort as Common Core advocates like to say isn’t it odd that President Obama would be making these phone calls?  Especially when they are going to discuss testing standards and teaching strategies?!?!?

3. They mention having 35 states as part of their consortium.  SBAC only has 25 and PARCC has 23.  Idaho is part of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.  Was this faulty reporting or are we seeing a merger?

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