Poll: New York Voters are Divided on Common Core

NYSFlagSiena College released a poll yesterday on New Yorkers views of the Common Core and standardized testing.  806 registered voters were surveyed between November 11-14.  The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%

49% of New Yorkers are not confident that the Common Core State Standards will make students more college and career ready.  45% of voters are confident that it will.  There is also a variety of opinion about how demanding the standards are.

About a third of voters (34 percent) think Common Core standards are too demanding, while about one-quarter (27 percent) think they are not demanding enough and one-quarter (23 percent) think they are about right. Twenty-eight percent say that efforts to improve education in  the last three years have moved New York schools in the right direction, 22 percent say they have moved schools in the wrong direction and a plurality, 44 percent, think they have had little impact. There is too much testing in  public schools, 52 percent say, while 12 percent say there is not enough and 28 percent say it’s the right amount.

“On the implementation of Common Core standards in public schools, New Yorkers are as divided as a physical  education class that just broke up into teams,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “There’s no consensus at all on whether the standards are too demanding, not demanding enough or just right. New Yorkers  are nearly evenly divided as to their confidence that Common Core standards will make graduates better ready for college or career. And nearly as many think schools are headed in the wrong direction as in the right direction.

“There is a consensus on testing of student. Only one in eight New Yorkers would like to see more testing in the  schools but a clear majority believes that there’s currently too much testing in the schools,” Greenberg said. “The  jury’s out on Common Core but if standardized student tests were reduced, most New Yorkers would not object.”

Look for more Gates money to come pouring into the Empire State.

Update:  Oh if you look at the Siena Poll cross-tabs on the Common Core question it shoots Arne Duncan’s comments about the opposition consisting of “white suburban moms” is just a *tad* off.

6 thoughts on “Poll: New York Voters are Divided on Common Core

  1. If there was any real coverage of the information on the CCSS by the mainstream media perhaps more people would be against. The information that gets out is very tightly controlled. Those numbers are pretty high for a grassroots movement by white suburban moms!

  2. This poll should have been preceeded by another: what do you know about common core? Most people have no idea, as there has been a dearth of coverage by the media, and it was instituted under cover of darkness.

  3. Only 806 register voters took this poll? How many registered voters are in New York State. you may have missed some.

  4. Have to agree with Kevin Kelly. Hard to poll when there are so many angles and implications. Higher standards in and of themselves are not the issue.

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