Poll: Support for Common Core Drops by 40% Since 2012

Teacher at Maxwell AFB Elementary/Middle School (Air Force photo/Kelly Deichert)
Teacher at Maxwell AFB Elementary/Middle School
(Air Force photo/Kelly Deichert)

Support for the Common Core State Standards has dropped 40 points since 2012 according to a new poll. Education Next conducted their annual poll in May and June of 4,181 adults including 609 teachers and 1,571 parents with school-aged children living at home.

They report support for Common Core has dropped like a rock.

  • Only 50% of all those taking a side say they support the use of the Common Core standards in their state, down from 58% in 2015 and from 90% in 2012. This number represents only 42% of the general public (got to love how they took out the 16% who didn’t take a side to make support seem higher).
  • For those Republicans who have expressed an opinion backing has plummeted from 82% in 2013 to 39% in 2016. (In total only 35% of all Republicans polled support Common Core, 53% oppose.)
  • Only 60% of Democrats taking a side support Common Core which is down from 86% in 2013 (49% of all Democrats support, 32% oppose).
  • Teachers have seen the largest drop. In 2013 87% of teachers taking a side supported Common Core now only 44% do. (41% of all teachers support, a majority –
  • More parents of school-aged children oppose Common Core (43%) than support it (42%).
  • Opposition is the lowest among African Americans (24%) and Hispanics (29%).
  • A majority of the public believes it is the state’s role, not the federal government’s role to establish education standards – 51%. Only 39% believes it is a federal role.
  • This was surprising – more Republicans (40%) believe the feds have the biggest role in setting standards compared to Democrats (37%). This doesn’t necessarily indicate support for that position, but how they view the way things are.

I’m less enthused about the polling on parental opt-outs and assessments.

  • 69% of the general public support the Feds requiring testing. Only 20% oppose.
  • 68% of parents support testing with 24% opposed.
  • Only 50% of teachers support testing with 46% opposed.
  • 60% of the general public opposes parental opt-outs. 25% support.
  • Among parents only 49% oppose opting out with 38% supporting opt-outs.
  • Only 52% of teachers opposed opting out with 40% supporting a parents’ right to opt their child out.
  • 63% of the general public support using the same test across states with 24% opposed.
  • 62% of parents support using the same tests across states with 25% opposed.
  • 53% of teachers support using the same tests across states with 38% opposed.

I have to admit that I’m surprised that more teachers support opting out of tests than parents. What doesn’t surprise me is that support for testing is so high. If education reformers have been successful at all it has been with the idea of schools being accountable which so far has primarily been done through testing.

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