Phil Daro: The Reason We Have Standards Is Because of the Social Justice Agenda

Phil Daro, one of the drafters of the Common Core Math Standards was speaking to a group of educators at a curriculum publisher event last year at the California Mathematics Conference North (CMC – North Asilomar) in 2011.  At the 4:56 minute mark in the video below Daro said, “And remember that the reason we have standards is because of the social justice agenda to make sure all kids get enough math to have a decent opportunity.”

Oak Norton from Utahns Against Common Core wrote:

Common Core set minimum standards for all students which means minimal learning for those who could accelerate. Thus social justice is achieved by holding down the achievers to the level of the lowest common denominator and by forcing them to learn what you want them to learn instead of letting them become individualized and accelerating their education as they can.

So these standards aren’t really about helping kids learn and achieve but rather an attempt to be “fair” to all students.