Pennsylvania Senate Democrats Urge Slowdown of Common Core

Pennsylvania State CapitolVia FYI by PLS – this is a subscription based website so I’m sharing quotes given by the Pennsylvania Senate Minority Leader, State Senator Jay Costa (D-Allegheny):

Sen. Jay Costa (D-Allegheny) said implementation of the Common Core Standards is another example of the Corbett Administration’s “quiet changes” that “lack legislative input.” He compared the roll out of the Common Core Standards with bonus depreciation and the attempt to privatize the management of the lottery system. “Now we’re here today to fight the implementation of Common Core Standards and high risk graduation exams, a policy that would place the future of students at risk and the financial stability of our school districts,” he stated. “The subject matter may have changed but the circumstances are still the same. This is being done without necessary legislative input. Changes like these deserve a full and open transparent discussion that includes the legislature.” He added “we stand here asking the governor and Sec. Tomalis to take immediate action to slow this process down so we can all work together to provide for the future success of all of our students and their families.”

First I would like to correct the record.  Pennsylvania completed their MOU with the Common Core State Standards Initiative on July 2, 2010.  Considering Governor Tom Corbett entered office in 2011 you can’t totally lay the blame upon him.  This is a bipartisan issue, not a partisan one so it is unfortunate with Democrats and Republicans point fingers at one another when they are equally to blame.  Also there is opposition to the Common Core in both camps.

Which brings about my second point respecting the legislative process shouldn’t be a conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat issue.  It is a good sign that State Senator Costa points out that this was done without the “necessary legislative input.”

Had that input been given and the proper process honored we would likely find fewer states in the CCSSI.  Which illustrates why NGA, CCSSO, and Achieve via the CCSSI implemented it the way they did – those pesky state legislatures!

Update: Just had this article land in my inbox – “Groups on right and left oppose Common Core Standards in PA.”

Photo credit: Wally Gobetz via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)