Pennsylvania Newspaper Calls for Rejection of Common Core


The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in an editorial last Thursday called for Pennsylvanians to reject Common Core citing the recent ACT study that demonstrated Common Core does not improve college readiness.

They write:

In English, Common Core emphasizes more source-based writing whereas college instructors typically value “the ability to generate sound ideas,” according to the study. In math, less than half the middle school and high school teachers say Common Core standards are well aligned with college instructors’ expectations, The Washington Examiner reports.

All this is hardly surprising. In California, more than 100 education researchers issued a statement saying there’s no “compelling” evidence that Common Core is all that it’s cracked up to be. Closer to home, critics say opposition to Common Core is evidenced by the growing number of parents refusing to let their children take the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment exams.

The fix for public education is not new standards or new testing but an entirely new approach. That begins with more school choice options and the positive influence of competition.

One thought on “Pennsylvania Newspaper Calls for Rejection of Common Core

  1. HURRAH!–hopes every PA paper picks it up!
    In Nevada we know about Pre-K–H.S. where “the twice a year test” does DATA MINING during the test via the child’s eye movements and these diagnostics go with the childs results to United Nations/global sources
    of which we’re not sure, but NOT the parents & NOT the school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also Nevada has right for parents to OPT-OUT their children from taking this test, BUT THIS YR, OUR 4TH, schools sent home notes with the children that this test is MANDATORY–We’re sure such direction was given for each school because do not believe that over 600 schools would not/could not lie to parents via a student-delivered by hand note as stacks of double-sided OPT OUT blanks lie in the offices under the counter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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