Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Delays Implementation of Common Core

Governor Tom Corbett has ordered a delay in implementing the Common Core State Standards.  Via PennLive:

Department of Education spokesman Tim Eller said the governor made that decision to push off the implementation date beyond July 1 after consulting with lawmakers.

Last week, it became clear in House and Senate education committees‘ meetings that not all lawmakers were on board with the move to these grade-level learning expectations that would have brought Pennsylvania public school instruction more in unison with the standards that 44 other states and the District of Columbia were in the process of implementing.

Pennsylvania still needs to repeal the Common Core State Standards and it doesn’t look like this pause will be very long.

Eller said the governor directed the department to make “minor modifications to the regulations” governing the standards and Keystone Exams.

“Governor Corbett remains committed to ensuring that all Pennsylvania public school students – regardless of zip code – have access to a quality education,” Eller said in an e-mail.

“Academic standards and state assessments are an important component of the state’s effort to ensure that our students are prepared to pursue post-secondary degrees or careers after graduation.”

Eller said the governor asked the State Board to make the changes in an expedited manner so they can be submitted to the legislative education committees and Independent Regulatory Review Commission for final approval.

One thought on “Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Delays Implementation of Common Core

  1. propaganda decoding

    this governor is committed to ensuring ( will enforce secret fed mandate)

    all pennsylvania public school students have access to ( will be forced to participate in indoctrination, data mining and social engineering redistribution with educrat profits ensured) ( cc lower standards implementation will provide this access )

    a quality education ( quality defined by david coleman karl marx michael barber..)

    regardless of their zip code ( we know where you live )

    international communitarian equity regionalism movement cohort
    defies left or right
    hegelian dialectic manufactured chaos
    ” schools are broken!!!!! ”

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