Parents Speak Out in Building The Machine

HSLDA released Part 2 of their Common Core documentary Building The Machine.  I just finished watching it this morning.  They focus on New York parents since that state has been ahead of everyone else in terms of implementation.  It would have been good to hear from some Kentucky parents as well, but you get a good picture of some of the problems these parents have noticed as Common Core has been implemented in their state.

I thought the video was well done.  The data collection aspect to it lacked some context, but overall it was effective in pointing out the harm that was being done to young children in particular.

The video can be watched for free online until October 7th after that you’ll have to buy the DVD.

Below is part 2 (like I said – it’s only available online until October 7th so please don’t send me emails on October 8th complaining it’s not up anymore… not that anyone would ever do that, LOL).  It’s only 22:35 long so please take time to watch it and share it with a friend.


Also if you haven’t seen Part 1 it’s available as well.