Parents & Educators Executive Order Against Common Core

A group of Florida parents who are supported by parents and educators nationwide released an executive order demanding an end to the Common Core State Standards and student data mining that is taking place in every state.  They also released a longer document entitled “Welcome to the new Common Core fuzzy math: CC = Conditions + Coercion + Conflict of Interest.”

Some excerpts:

We also changed the way we do business at the Department of Education. Instead of issuing top-down edicts, we provided incentives for and supports for states districts, schools and local communities to undertake reform themselves, including offering more flexibility to states in the form of waivers from No Child Left Behind … The Obama Record in Education, Secretary Duncan’s Remarks to the Mom Congress, April 30, 2012…

…“Why deal with pesky Congress when you get to make all the rules?” said Michael Petrilli, executive vice president of the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Institute. The department doesn’t have the authority to declare waivers high-risk, he said, and one of the states should call Duncan’s bluff.

…States are awarded points for their compliance with a rubric of standards on issues like teacher evaluations and the number of charter schools, and applicants compete for a share of the $3.4 billion pool. The program, which began with $4.6 billion in stimulus funds, has been credited with galvanizing almost every state to either make significant changes to education laws, gain support of teacher unions, or to raise education standards across the board—all without distributing a penny in federal money. Education reforms spark ‘quiet revolution’

You can read the executive order below:


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3 thoughts on “Parents & Educators Executive Order Against Common Core

  1. The government already has too many people that are using ‘coercion’, and ‘conflict of interests’. Just look at Congress and the Supreme Court. Let’s not raise our kids to be like this. Coercion should not be taught, it should be wrong. It is used by dealers to get people to use drugs.

  2. There’s many things about Common Core Standards that upsets me but one of the biggest problems is that our teachers don’t have the say in education. Teachers are the advocate for our children and they aren’t even given a chance to be heard.

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