Parent Opt-Out Denied in Illinois

It isn’t a surprise that a school district would deny a request to opt-out of the Common Core State Standards.  When we published the parent opt out form we knew that was a possibility.    Friday last week, Dr. Darcy G. Benway, Superintendent of the O’Fallon Township High School District 203 in a letter to a parent (whose name has been withheld for privacy sake) said since the Common Core has been tied into the Illinois State Learning Standards there is “no opt out option with regard to Common Core State Standards.”

Here is a copy of the letter below:

parent-opt-out denial letter

Here is what I would encourage.  Bring it up again in the fall.  Send the opt out form with any correspondence you get from your school district to the school board.  Write your school board about the Common Core State Standards.  This wasn’t meant to be a silver bullet approach.  It could be eye opening for the school district as they may not be aware of opposition and the reasons why people are opposed to the Common Core.  As the opt out form says on page 2, your request may not be made in vain.  “Your request, however, may result in your child being placed in a class with a teacher who exercises more professional judgment in providing instruction.”

Don’t give up.  There are many ways that you can take action.  We would like to hear about correspondence you receive from school districts related to this.  Please email us at with your story.

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