Only One in Five New Yorkers Believe Common Core Has Improved Education

New York State FlagSiena College released a poll last Thursday that shows only one in five New Yorkers believe that the Common Core State Standards have improved public education in the state.

Only 19 percent of New Yorkers say that implementation of the Common Core has improved public education, while twice that number, 40 percent, believes that Common Core has worsened public education and another 24 percent say it’s had no meaningful impact.

“A plurality or majority of voters from every party and the non-New York City regions say that implementing Common Core has worsened public education in New York, with New York City voters being closely divided,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said. “While one in five New Yorkers thinks that Common Core implementation has improved public schools, 64 percent say it has either had no meaningful effect on public education or it has worsened it.

“Given that Common Core was designed to improve educational standards and outcomes, the Education Department and new commissioner certainly have their work cut out for them in trying to convince New Yorkers that Common Core implementation over the last few years has been a step forward in improving public education in the state,” Greenberg said.

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