Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds Common Core Repeal


The Oklahoma Supreme Court affirmed what most of us already knew; yes the Oklahoma State Legislature can repeal education standards.  What hubris do you have to have to think otherwise?

The Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 to uphold the the repeal that Governor Fallin signed into law last month.  They only took four hours to deliberate.

Breitbart News had some reaction:

Oklahoma state Rep. Jason Nelson (R), however, asserted the bill that repealed the Common Core standards in Oklahoma is constitutional.

“The Supreme Court made the right decision today. I thought the justices asked great questions, hitting all the salient points during the hearing this morning, and I felt good about our case after the hearing,” Nelson told Breitbart News. “The arguments in favor of the constitutionality of the law are strong and left little doubt that the decision would be favorable. I’ve believed from the beginning that this legal challenge was baseless and have said so since it was filed.”

“I’m grateful to Attorney General Scott Pruitt and his staff, specifically Solicitor General Patrick Wyrick and Assistant Solicitor General Cara Rodriguez, for their outstanding legal defense of this legislative action,” Nelson said. “I’m also grateful to those individuals and organizations who voluntarily offered their perspectives to the Court by filing legal briefs in defense of the law.”

“The Court’s opinion today removes any uncertainty,” he added. “Based on the many educators I know personally I have no doubt that Oklahoma’s teachers are more than capable of making the necessary adjustments and will be more than ready when children, mine included, begin showing up after the summer break.”

Emmett McGroarty, education director at the American Principles Project, spoke to Breitbart News about the significance of the Oklahoma high court’s ruling.

“Today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has upheld the power of the legislature to set education policy. In so doing, it has quashed the problematic, Progressive idea that the state board of education is vested with both legislative and executive powers,” McGroarty said. “The ruling today also re-affirms the doctrine of the separation of powers and the system of checks and balances on which our constitutional structure rests.”

Jenni White, parent and president of Restore Oklahoma Public Education (R.O.P.E.), told Breitbart News that the state’s Supreme Court ruling is really a win for local education.

“The ruling is a stunning victory for local education and a defeat for bureaucracy,” White said. “Hopefully, states will ultimately work toward having elected state boards of education who can be voted out if they make decisions that are against the best interests of our students.”

“What’s also important about this ruling is that parents can see that they can influence this process,” White added.