Oklahoma Speaker of the House Does 180 on Common Core

oklahoma-state-capitolOklahoma Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon did a 180 on the Common Core State Standards.  Earlier this session he helped to stonewall an earlier bill against it.  Yesterday he announces he is against it and will work to repeal it in Oklahoma.

Shannon announced Thursday that with just two weeks left in the legislative session he is unveiling a measure to repeal a 2010 law that requires common core to be implemented by Oklahoma school districts…. 

Shannon calls the standards a “federal intrusion into our education system.”

The bill would have to pass the House and the Senate, where President Pro Tem Brian Bingman said he and other GOP leaders support the common core standards.

State Senator Bingman will need to explain their support and will we hear the same canned talking points?  The bill that Shannon is rolling out is House Bill 1719.

Photo credit: Kool Cats Photography via Flickr (CC-By-2.0)