OK Gov. Mary Fallin Still Has Not Signed HB3399

A follow-up to an article I wrote last week.  Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin still has not signed HB3399, Oklahoma’s Common Core repeal bill.  We originally thought she had until June 2nd to do so, but have learned the deadline is actually June 7th.  Below is an email sent from Restore Oklahoma Public Education:

As we told you in our last email, HB3399 (the repeal and replacement of Common Core) passed from both the Oklahoma House and Senate by an overwhelming majority Friday the 23rd. Governor Fallin has until June 7 (not the 2nd as we initially reported) to sign HB3399 into law.

Governor Fallin has yet to sign HB3399.

We asked you to sign the GOP petition asking for the Governor’s signature on the billif you were an Oklahoma Republican.  So far, it has approximately 1600 signatures!

Oklahoma Educators Against Common Core have also have begun a petition asking for names to present Governor Fallin.  So far, there are over 300 names of teachers willing to stand against Common Core.  If you are an educator against Common Core, please take the time to sign ASAP.

Rightly Concerned also has a petition.  Once you sign the petition a box pops up on the screen with the number to call the Governor’s Office, allowing you to not only sign, but call as well.

We’ve also asked you to make phone calls to her office – as the Governor has asked for parents, teachers and citizens to make their voices heard on the issue.  Though we have no way of knowing how many phone calls were made, tallies are being taken by office staff.  (regular hours 521-2342 – after hours 405-522-8857)

Though none of the Oklahoma City big three affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC) have done stories on the petitioning of Governor Fallin to sign HB3399, there has been much national media attention including an article in the New York Times.

Now, we’re asking you to please contact your PERSONAL legislator and ask he or she whether or not they would be willing to call a special session in the even Governor Fallin vetoes the bill.  A veto-proof vote would have been 76 votes in the House.  We missed the number by 5 (it was a 71 to 18 vote).  You can find the phone number and email of your legislator here, on the Oklahoma Legislature website.  We certainly hope we don’t need a special session to override a veto, but it certainly cannot hurt to ask and find out where your House and Senate member stand on the issue!

In closing, there has been a whole lot of doom and gloom prophesied over a signature on HB3399, from closing our schools to firing teachers, with the National Association of School Boards alleging the bill to be unconstitutional for the state.  I have attempted to address all these arguments in various blogs.  Please use them if you need to defend your position on the issue.  HB3399: Why Are We Arguing Over A Percent Of A Percent? and Lobbying Group – National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) – Says HB3399 Unconstitutional?

As usual, thank you so much for all your efforts to fight Common Core in Oklahoma – this would NOT be happening without YOU!

Very Sincerely,

Jenni White


Restore Oklahoma Public Education