NY Ed Commissioner King Tone Deaf to Common Core Concerns


New York Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr. admitted to those attending a public forum in Jamestown, NY that the public forums he is holding is just for show.

Buffalo News reports:

King assured the audience that he is listening to their concerns but said state education officials are “unwavering” in their commitment to implementing Common Core. Earlier in the evening, while speaking to reporters, King said he feared that the state’s approach has actually been too slow. He pointed to the number of students entering the state’s university system who need remedial course work.

“We may not always agree on every issue as a community, but I hope that we will have a constructive discourse,” King told the audience. “And I want you to know that we are listening.”

A local principal noticed this as well.

But Andrew Ludwig, a parent and principal who spoke at the event Wednesday, questioned whether state officials plan to make changes based on what they learn at the forums.

“You nod your heads, sometimes you smile, but I’m not sure you’re really listening,” he told King and (Board of Regents Chancellor Emeritus) Bennett.

What exactly can New York residents expect from Commissioner King?  Can you really say you are listening if you don’t do anything in response?