Not Going to Hold My Breath That Alabama Will Repeal Common Core

Alabama State Department of Education Headquarters

Following up on Wednesday’s article about the Alabama State Board of Education. They met on Thursday and no action was taken on Betty Peters’ resolution to eliminate Common Core.

This is no surprise and by what The Decatur Daily reports I wouldn’t hold my breath that Common Core will be repealed in the Yellowhammer State anytime soon:

Alabama public schools’ academic benchmarks for what students should know are too low, State Superintendent Michael Sentance said Thursday.

But changing the standards, known widely as Common Core, won’t happen overnight.

Sentance and the state school board talked in broad brushes about a possible process for reviewing and changing the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards. They did not discuss directly a draft resolution that called for a plan for adopting new standards by November, and Sentance said later he didn’t think that particular resolution would go anywhere.

A periodic review of the state’s math standards already was planned for next year, and Sentance said it may be accelerated. Part of the conversation Thursday was about how to make Alabama academically competitive internationally, not just nationally.

“It will take me a couple of months to get some people who are familiar with international standards together and start to have a deep conversation about what we could do here …,” he said.

Oh yay, a review! Watch for the educrats to rebrand Common Core and say it is now internationally benchmarked.