North Dakota State Schools Chief Directs Common Core Rewrite

North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler>Photo credit: Say Anything Blog
North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler
Photo credit: Say Anything Blog

Kirsten Baesler, the North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction, announced today that she is directing that North Dakota’s math and English language arts standards be rewritten and improved. North Dakota adopted the Common Core State Standards as their math and ELA standards and the rewrite will be based on Common Core.

So just to be clear here, this is not a repeal, and it is being set up to be a rebrand.

From the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction press release:

The process will include the appointment of two committees, made up of North Dakota educators, to write the new math and English standards, Baesler said.

Three additional review committees, made up of elected leaders, business and industry leaders, and parents and citizens, will also be chosen to review the work of the standards-writing committees and to suggest changes.

Beginning Friday, Baesler will begin taking applications for the two committees that will update and improve North Dakota’s existing  math and English standards, which are based on the Common Core. The writing committees will include elementary, middle, high school and university teachers.

“We will be producing a superior set of North Dakota standards for our public schools, written by North Dakota teachers, that establish clear and high expectations for North Dakota students,” she said.

Baesler encouraged anyone who wants to be considered for the writing or review committees to apply. An application form will be posted on the Department of Public Instruction’s website this Friday, May 6. The application deadline is June 1.

Once the math and English writing committees complete their first draft of the standards, their work will be presented to the three review committees. Afterwards, the draft standards will be open for public comment for about four weeks, Baesler said.

The comments will be part of the work of the writing committees as they prepare the second draft of the standards. After the second draft is finished, the review committees will take another look and more public comment will be collected.

Once the second round of public comment is finished, the writing committees will then finish their work and present a final draft in early 2017.

Once the new North Dakota math and English standards are completed, a state test that is aligned to the new North Dakota standards in math and English will be selected.

It is unfortunate that Baesler wasn’t open to starting with a blank slate. How these new standards turn out and how closely the resemble Common Core will be largely based on who gets to be on the review committees which of course she entirely controls.

2 thoughts on “North Dakota State Schools Chief Directs Common Core Rewrite

  1. Shane are you interested in the analysis that Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram wrote regarding the new ELA and Math standards for Tennessee? I can give you the back story and you could embellish using the info from Sandra and Jim. Also, we suspended our high stakes testing because the contractor just could not deliver. Mr. King now says we have to find someone way of providing accountability metrics. Gee so glad ESSA gave control of education back to the states. If interested let me know and I will send you the information. my email is:

  2. What is happening in ND is EXACTLY what happened in TN and so many other states. I think the Governors either had a meeting or they got a phone call. Bottom line this is an effort to deceive and in the process of deceiving the public they will spend a lot of unnecessary money and waste a lot of time doing it. All to give the appearance of improving the standards which did not happen in Tennessee. Our standards are a clone of CC and where they made changes the changes were worse than what was there before they all got together.

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