New York Teachers Union Opposes the Common Core

From WHAM 13, the ABC affiliate in Rochester, NY reports that the local teachers’ union is opposed to the Common Core.

While some of the reasons for their opposition is rather self-centered, they do bring up some great points. Kids, parents and teachers were not prepared.

The focus in this segment and the union’s opposition seems to be more on the tests than the Common Core itself.  Both are a problem and the Common Core is the root of the problem of the assessments.  I do love that some parents are putting their foot down and exercising their sovereignty in their child’s education by opting out of taking the test.

More parents need to follow that example.

3 thoughts on “New York Teachers Union Opposes the Common Core

  1. I take offense to your comment…self serving. Teachers serve their students and we are student centered. This IS a set up. The nation foists new standards upon us, packaged as local, and there is no support offered. Maybe the leaders should be held accoutable. Education is the only industry who blames failure on the workers and not the leadership. A fish rots from the head down, beginning with Duncan, Obama, Gates, Broad, and the whole privatizing bunch.

  2. Would it be possible to have a page just listing first sources straight from the government’s mouth – RTTT, Family Education privacy act, stimulus bill, etc? People I am talking to want to see the original wording in context.

  3. Well…many teachers do serve their students, but teachers’ unions are a cancer on the educational system and the interests of students. Teachers that serve their students do it DESPITE the unions’ inluence. When teachers start parroting union propaganda, you know they lack the intelligence to think independently and critically. This is especially true when they attack “privitaizing,”which unions fear the way Dracula fears the wooden stake. I recommend Sol Stern’s book “Breaking Free: Public School Lessons and Imperative of School Choice” for some penetrating insights into the state of public education, particularly the cesspool of New York City which traps inner city kids in educational hellholes. Those who attack “choice” or “privatizing” are nothing less than self-serving defenders of the status quo that is dumbing down our children.

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