New Hampshire House Defeats Common Core Repeal Vote


The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted against HB 1508 that would have removed the Common Core from the state.  The vote was actually whether or not to approve the House Education Committee report.  The New Hampshire Education Committee voted against the bill.

Ann Marie Banfield provided a report:

In spite of some heroic efforts by several legislators, HB 1508 which would have terminated Common Core in NH, went down in defeat on the NH House floor today.

Thanks to the many parents who came out to greet Representatives today in support of HB 1508.

NO parents showed up for the hearings OR today in opposition to HB 1508, however many came to support the legislation. Once again proving that NH parents were ignored.

Remember, the House Ed Committee voted to KILL (ITL) HB 1508 so those who were in favor of HB 1508 (the Nays) had to vote against the Committee recommendation in order to support the Bill.

You can see how the State Representatives voted here.

Photo credit: Jared C. Benefit (CC-By-SA 2.0)