New Hampshire Governor Vetos Anti-Common Core Bill

new-hampshire-flagGovernor Maggie Hassan (D-NH) vetoed SB 101, a bill that would prohibit the New Hampshire’s Department of Education and State Board of Education from implementing the Common Core State Standards in any school or school district.

Ann Marie Banfield, the education liaison with Cornerstone Action, told Truth in American Education that parents showed up in large numbers to show their support for the bill giving numerous reasons why the standards were not working in their school.

School districts in New Hampshire can opt-out of the Common Core, but they have received conflicting information state education leaders.

SB101 was needed because there is still confusion in districts that they must adopt the standards or risk losing funding,” Banfield said.  “It then becomes difficult for parents who want to lobby their elected school board members to use standards they feel are superior to Common Core.  SB101 would have helped parents move their local schools towards better quality academic standards.”

The veto by Governor Hassan misses another opportunity to stand with the parents in NH as they seek to make improvements to their local school districts,” Banfield added.