Mississippi Gov. Bryant: The Public Is In Charge of Public Education

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant points out a simple fact that is often lost on many Common Core advocates, especially those within the educrat ranks.

The Associated Press reports:

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant says state Superintendent of Education Carey Wright needs to understand “she’s not in charge of public education in Mississippi. The public is.”

Bryant’s comments came Tuesday after he was asked about Wright’s strong support for Common Core State Standards, which outline what children should learn in English and math.

Thank you.  This is common sense which unfortunately is not as common as we’d like to see.  This is one of the primary reasons (of many) why I am against the Common Core – it cut “we the people” out of the process.  Now educrats like Carey Wright thumb their noses at, in the words of Wright’s colleague in Arizona who was kicked to the curb, “barbarians at the gate.”

In other related Mississippi news, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves wants to scrap Common Core and appoint another group other than the Mississippi State Board of Education write the new standards.

Sadly that may be the only way for some of these states to end up with anything other than a rebrand.

The Clarion Ledger reports:

Reeves on Monday, speaking at the Stennis Institute of Government’s Capitol press corps luncheon, said he believes the Legislature should create a task force and come up with its own education standards.

Common Core may have started as a states’ initiative, Reeves said. But he’s become convinced the Obama Administration is using Common Core standards to “hijack” education autonomy from states.

Reeves said the “straw that broke the camel’s back” was the federal Department of Education revoking a waiver for Oklahoma after it repealed Common Core standards. This could have cost Oklahoma nearly $30 million in public school funding. However, the federal department has reinstated Oklahoma’s waiver after it appealed.

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  1. I was just encouraged to resign after 22 years of teaching English in public high schools because I refused to present material prescribed and scripted from a curriculum from New York purchased by my district that underscored class and gender warfare. I was also required by hired evaluators to implement new teaching methods in my classroom, in front of my students who wondered why I was being trained in front of the class. When I refused to present a positive image of Cesar Chavez without material balancing his image, I was told I was insubordinate. There are no holds barred on presenting left-wing politics to my captive audience, yet I can be sued for pledging allegiance to our flag or praying with students on campus. We embrace corruption paid for with taxpayer money.

    1. Jane, shoot me an email (click on the email icon in the sidebar) we would be interested in sharing your story.

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