Michigan Legislature Defunds Common Core, Fight is Just Beginning

The Michigan Senate today voted 24-14 to approve the Michigan Department of Education budget with State Representative Tom McMillin's amendment that prevents the department from spending money to implement the Common Core State Standards. Local school districts can still spend money from their budgets to implement it if they wish. McMillin said that the language in the bill is safe from a line-item veto so Governor Rick Snyder would have to veto the entire budget to stop the amendment. McMillin said this measure, in reality, pauses the Common Core in order to have a vigorous debate among Michigan citizens about whether it is a good idea or not.


“The legislature has just voted to allow Michigan citizens to weigh in on this important issue,” McMillin said. He said those who favor the Common Core will likely work to lift the pause before October 1 when the budget takes effect. “I don't want Michigan citizens to think the fight is over when it is just beginning,” McMillin added.

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