Michigan Governor Snyder Supports the Common Core

Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI) came out in favor of the Common Core State Standards at a town hall meeting with Education Secretary Arne Duncan in Detroit yesterday. AP reports:

Some Republicans and conservatives want to remove Michigan schools from the set of national educational standards and testing for K-12 students. But the Republican governor said Monday Common Core is a “good thing” and the state should “stand up for it.”

Snyder spoke during a town hall-style meeting in Detroit with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Snyder says some label the standards a federal mandate, but they originated from governors. Snyder says the goal is raising the bar for education and blames opposition on “politics.”

Governor Snyder is being disingenuous about the Common Core's opposition. We too care about raising the bar on eduction. We also care that the proper checks and balances inherit in our system of government were ignored as states signed onto the Common Core.

Let the people have a voice through their elected representatives as they did when the Michigan House voted to defund the Common Core. Governor Snyder needs to make a choice – listen to the people or listen to educrats.

One thought on “Michigan Governor Snyder Supports the Common Core

  1. Common core proponents are yelling they are just offering standards to school boards and parents, not curriculum.

    When the big progressive corporate powers that be bought out all of the Independent Math Curriculum Companies, they made certain to dumb them all down knowing that when curriculum committees went looking for a “world class” Math book, it really did not matter which one was chosen, because they all stunk.

    Heads they win, Tails we lose…Suckas!

    Here is what they did to Saxon Math:


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