Melinda Gates: Stay the Course on State Education Policy

Melinda Gates speaks to staff at the UK' Department of International Development.
Melinda Gates speaks to staff at the UK’ Department of International Development.
Photo credit: UK’ Department of International Development

Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, spoke with The Washington Post. She indicated that the Foundation will not pull away from trying to impact state education policy.

They write:

“Community buy-in is huge,” Melinda Gates said in an interview here on Wednesday, adding that cultivating such support for big cultural shifts in education takes time. “It means that in some ways, you have to go more slowly.”

That does not mean the foundation has any plans to back off the Common Core or its other priorities, including its long-held belief that improving teacher quality is the key to transforming public education. “I would say stay the course. We’re not even close to finished,” Gates said.

We wish you were finished. Please stop. The Gates Foundation has done enough damage.

3 thoughts on “Melinda Gates: Stay the Course on State Education Policy

  1. They don’t get it. It’s not about teacher quality. It’s not about standards. It’s about money and parental involvement. Poverty is the issue. The best teachers are retiring rather than deal with this garbage. B&M Gates are ruining public education, while their kids are at an exclusive private school that is not subjected to the mandates or data mining that is being shoved down the throats of the proletariat.

  2. You are kidding right? Are your children in public school? Have you any idea what crap is going on in public schools? I think not! Common core needs to go and it needs to go fast! It is killing our children, having teachers hate their jobs now, and everyone is going crazy! That is what is going on in public schools. The lunches taste like cardboard, but I know your kids and the president’s kids aren’t eating it, so no worries for you. This country and our children’s futures are going downhill and fast. I am so sad for them and for our country. But you all have so much money you don’t care. You are messing with other people’s children. I simply cannot believe what is going on in this country. Education needs to be up to the states, not the federal government!

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