Manchester (NH) Schools Reject Common Core

The Manchester, New Hampshire School Board voted last night to reject the Common Core State Standards in order to develop their own instead.

From Ann Marie Banfield of Cornerstone Action via Facebook:

Congratulations to the residents of MANCHESTER. Tonight the School Board voted to DEVELOP MANCHESTER ACADEMIC STANDARDS!!!!

We saw real leadership tonight when Mayor Ted Gatsas said he wanted the BEST standards for the students in Manchester.

The board listened to the concerns in the community and decided to take a different direction. The Chair Sarah Ambrogi took her time and listened to parental concerns and looked at information that was presented during all of the board meetings that led up to tonight’s decision.

Manchester and Alton are leading the way in NH to set higher and better expectations for their students.

I hear TOO often that Administrators will settle for mediocrity. WHY? Because that’s what they think parents are willing to settle for.

Not this time. Parents demanded better and the Mayor and Board listened.

In the end they agreed. There is NO GOOD reason to adopt Common Core standards when you can offer something better to the students.

I will continue to monitor the standards as they are being developed. I will ask for an expert analysis once they are completed. However I think we can all congratulate the Manchester School Board for joining Alton and leading the way to higher academic standards AND achievement for their students.

IF you live in another town, I’d suggest asking YOUR school board why they aren’t doing the same.