Louisiana Schools Chief “Tight Lipped” About Common Core Rollout Plans

john-whiteThis story from Louisiana yesterday has my ire up.  Here’s an excerpt and you’ll see what I mean.

(John) White (Louisiana Superintendent of Education) appears to be reconsidering several of the cornerstones of Louisiana’s recently ramped-up accountability system, including teacher and principal evaluations, but for now, he’s tightly controlling the final details.

White has toured the state over the past few months listening to education stakeholders speak about what’s right and what’s wrong with the state’s transition to the Common Core State Standards and the more rigorous teacher and principal evaluations.

On Monday, he took his conversation to the Louisiana School Superintendent’s Association, gave members preview of things likely to come later this week, and then asked them not to talk with the media about what was discussed.

“He asked us to keep it tight-lipped,” West Carroll Parish Superintendent Kent Davis said.

Said White: “I asked them not to communicate that this is the sum total of the policy. We’re taking feedback and we will be using the results of today’s conversation to make final policy.”

While reconsidering several aspects of the rollout could be a good thing – being “tight lipped” about the possible changes is not.  I’m also concerned that he has been talking to education stakeholders when the stakeholders he should be speaking to are parents.  Some of whom are featured in this video below.

2 thoughts on “Louisiana Schools Chief “Tight Lipped” About Common Core Rollout Plans

  1. .John White and Bobby Jindal are attempting some damage control here. This is pure politics, and we, the parents of Louisiana , can play right along with you. We will not give up until every last ember of Common Core is extinguished. You didn’t think we would do it, did you Gov. and JW? You honestly thought we would give in to the scare tactics used to send our children to school Nov. 18th. Vermillion Parish alone had 1,600 absent that day. The halls of Louisiana’s schools will be empty when these parents start home schooling their children. We will continue to push…We may be at the bottom, but we will push upwards! ~Louisiana Walk Out day Against Common Core.

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