Louisiana Common Core Advocates Took My Advice

Apparently the Alliance for Better Classrooms think they are having a watershed PR moment giving every Louisiana lawmaker a stuffed unicorn.

Photo credit: Mark Ballard - The Advocate
Photo credit: Mark Ballard – The Advocate

They include tags that say “Unicorns are not real. And neither are most of the things you’ve heard about Common Core State Standards.”

The Advocate reports:

“Such an important decision about children’s future shouldn’t be clouded with misconceptions and outright misleading statements,” Dan Juneau, executive director of ABC PAC and former president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, said in a prepared statement.

“We owe it to our kids to educate ourselves and realize exactly what Common Core State Standards do,” Juneau said.

I agree.  Lawmakers should do their homework and stop listening to misleading statements made by Common Core advocates.  Silly things like these…

  • PARCC is a valid and reliable test.
  • Common Core is “state-led.”
  • Common Core will prepare kids for STEM.
  • Common Core will help kids for “21st century literacy” (whatever that means).
  • Common Core has been internationally benchmarked.
  • Common Core will help our kids compete with their international peers.

I could go on.

I’d like to point out I actually made this suggestion as some friendly PR advice for Common Core advocates when they were really struggling at the time not knowing exactly where to burn all of that Gates money.

I know what they really need are pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.  Put that on a website and then promote it with the hashtag #UnicornsLoveCommonCore.  Perhaps have the Care Bears do a PSA that’ll turn this thing around.  I’m sure of it, I mean you have millions of Gates money poured into this.  How could it possibly fail?

I didn’t think they’d actually do it.  Now they just need some rainbows and I suspect the Care Bears will be making an appearance shortly.

Photo credit: FostersFan-Imp (CC-by-ND 3.0)
Photo credit: FostersFan-Imp (CC-by-ND 3.0)