Local School Board in Colorado Opposes Common Core

Castle Rock, CO – The Douglas County School District Board rejected the Common Core State Standards in favor of their own.  They unanimously passed a resolution of their opposition to the Common Core on Tuesday.

The Douglas County School District’s standards are “more rigorous, more demanding, more thorough, and reflect higher expectations and aspirations for our students than any national standard now in existence, including the Common Core Standards,” according to the resolution. 

The Common Core Standards are a set of U.S. educational criteria introduced in 2010 to improve the quality of American education. Though they aim to step up academic expectations and bridge a growing global achievement gap, DCSD’s curriculum is designed to surpass those standards. Colorado and most other states adopted the national curriculum, but individual districts in the state are allowed to set their own.

“The Common Core Standards, while reasonable and appropriate for many school districts to emulate, are not reasonable or appropriate in Douglas County … and do not meet the expectations this district has for all of our students,” according to the resolution.

DCSD instead developed what it calls the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, which place a stronger emphasis on critical thinking and other skills, and makes changes to some teaching methods. School leaders previously have referred to the Common Core Standards as “the floor,” with the district’s standards rising above them.

The resolution formally states DCSD’s opposition to “a one-size-fits-all application of the Common Core Standard.”

“In Douglas County, our taxpayers, parents, teachers and students expect the very highest and rigorous standards — as embodied in our Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum — that will allow our students to learn today and lead tomorrow,” according to the resolution.

Good for them!  This is a model for local school boards to follow.  There is no reason local school districts can’t develop (and do a better job) their own standards.

2 thoughts on “Local School Board in Colorado Opposes Common Core

  1. I’m really glad they specified that they are doing this because it is right for THEIR district. I’m a little tired of people saying everyone should do the same exact thing just because one person or one small group of people is going a different direction. Great article!

  2. I think if a school district is ‘really’ for teaching education that they too would go for something higher than the normal ‘code of teaching’ that is now considered to be the norm for teaching throughout the United States~

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