Karen Nussle Melts Down Over West Virginia

westvirginiaflagpicture2Karen Nussle, the executive director of the Collaborative of Student Success, had a melt down evidenced by the following statement this afternoon in light of a solid Common Core repeal bill passing out of the West Viriginia House.

“After months of peddling fear and mistruths, West Virginia has fallen prey to the anti-common core, status quo campaign that takes WV students backwards not forwards. It’s a shame that the state is ceding local control of education to out-of-state, decades-old standards. West Virginia students deserve better,” Nussle ranted.

When you have to demonize your opposition it’s apparent you don’t have much in the way of an argument.  By the way this “campaign” she’s talking about are West Virginia activists and parents.

They don’t represent status quo, quite the contrary.  They want quality standards.  Also West Virginia took a step towards regaining local control, not ceding it.

In case you’re wondering here’s where Karen Nussle gets her money.  Who do you think she represents?

  • The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Helios Education Foundation
  • Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Lumina Foundation
  • The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

You should ask WV Against Common Core who funds them.  I’m sure they’d tell you if they actually had a budget.  Nussle simply does not represent the interests of West Virginia parents.

2 thoughts on “Karen Nussle Melts Down Over West Virginia

  1. I’d like to send this woman a letter just like I sent the representatives if she thinks that Common Core is so “wonderful”. It’s not her children suffering its stupidity!

  2. Common Core, IMO, is much like another “wonderful program to save those in need of insurance.” It is ill thought out, it causes great confusion, and it simply does not help those intended…..it does the exact opposite.

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