Kansas Legislators Vote for Common Core Bill They Helped Kill

State Representatives Amanda Grosserode & John Bradford
State Representatives Amanda Grosserode & John Bradford

The gloves are off, I named some names in West Virginia, and now I want to turn my attention to the Sunflower State.  While several state legislators can be blamed for tanking HB 2292, the Local Control of Kansas Education Act, activists in Kansas name two people who were roadblocks to debate on the actual bill even occurring: State Representatives Amanda Grosserode (R-Lenexa) and John Bradford (R-Lansing).

Grosserode represents House District 16.  On the banner of her website she says, “As your State Representative in Topeka, the principles of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty will continue to be my guiding principles.”

Did she leave those “guiding principles” at home during the discussion on HB 2292?


One activist told me in an email, “We just had our bill defeated in committee last Friday thanks to Rep. Amanda Grosserode who deflected all debate on our bill to promote a replacement bill that didn’t even have the words common core in it.”

Kansans Against the Common Core offered a recap of the Kansas House Education Committee Meeting where this bill was defeated.

Prior to Friday’s vote, proponents of HB 2292 were given exactly 45 minutes during one scheduled hearing day—45 minutes to discuss the many complexities and concerns about Common Core. The liquor licensing bill received 3 days of hearings. No questions were allowed at the hearing for HB 2292. No informational meetings were offered, as suggested by other committee chairs. That’s the best that could be done for Kansas kids??! Here’s a summary of the meeting on Friday the 20th, a meeting that was for the purpose of “discussion and possible action on HB 2292”:

The bill was reintroduced and a reviser delivered a brief summary of the bill. Without ANY discussion of HB 2292, Amanda Grosserode (R)-Lenexa, introduced an 11th hour “substitute” bill. Understand that Rep. Grosserode, who herself commented on her lengthy tenure on this committee, has never proactively put forth a bill to be fully vetted by the public and the legislature. This bill was only introduced in opposition to other proposed legislation. And, it was not even made known to the public until being introduced at this meeting. In fact, the words “Common Core” were not even in her substitute! This substitute did not even call for new standards until 2017, and even then, as pointed out by committee members, “This substitute just maintains the status quo. Why adopt it?” Ultimately, the vote on this distraction did not pass.

Bradford who represents House District 40, Kansans Against Common Core notes, was complicit as well.

Next, John Bradford (R)-Lansing presented two different amendments, both of which did not pass and had little to do with actually repealing Common Core or protecting our kids. After about an hour and a half, time which could have been spent discussing Common Core’s predatory nature and the merits and questions regarding HB2292, there was an abrupt call to vote on the bill (HB 2292). Someone “seconded” the motion just nanoseconds later. The obviously orchestrated plan to kill our bill– before it could be duly considered– continued. Before any real discussion, the vote was allowed to proceed. HB 2292 did not pass. The vote was 10-7 (with one abstaining).

Both Grossrode and Bradford did end up voting for the bill, but in the opinion of Kansans Against Common Core their actions helped sink it.

Regarding the “yes” votes for HB 2292 by two members of this committee, Amanda Grosserode and John Bradford, both were approached repeatedly by this board (early and often) to seek their support for HB 2292 and to iron out any language issues, so as to secure a viable Common Core repeal bill this session to protect Kansas kids. They refused to offer any honest, substantive critiques; instead they listened to detractors who spewed false claims like, “It isn’t constitutional,” and “It will result in a lawsuit by the school board,” or “It will have a $100M fiscal note” – sensational stuff. Politics. It was, from January on: “We don’t have the votes in the house to pass this,” or “We don’t have the votes to pass this out of committee.” Our efforts to meet with them, hear their concerns, and work to favorably pass HB2292 out of committee were not met by them. Instead, they worked to not support HB2292 and offered a LAST MINUTE bill and amendments, and urged fellow committee members to join in support of these changes, to kill HB2292. They did vote “yes” to pass HB2292 out of committee, but considering everything they did prior to prevent its favorable reception and success, it’s difficult to think that it was truly a vote in favor, but rather a “cover” vote.

So Kansas voters something to keep in mind when these two folks are up for re-election.

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  1. I heard a big thud! I guess it was Kansas representatives dropping the ball. I worry daily about the education my grandchildren are receiving as they live in the state of Kansas.

    For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed to be a native Kansan.

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